1. 31

    ग्रामान् पुरः पत्तनानि दुर्गाणि विविधानि च । घोषान् व्रजान् सशिबिरानाकरान् खेटखर्वटान् ।। ४-१८-३१ ।।

    In this way the King founded many types of villages, settlements and towns and built forts, residences for cowherdsmen, stables for the animals, places for the royal camps, mining places, agricultural towns and mountain villages. ।। 4-18-31 ।।

  2. 32

    प्राक्पृथोरिह नैवैषा पुरग्रामादि कल्पना । यथासुखं वसन्ति स्म तत्र तत्राकुतोभयाः ।। ४-१८-३२ ।।

    Before the reign of King Pṛthu there was no planned arrangement for different cities, villages, pasturing grounds, etc. Everything was scattered, and everyone constructed his residential quarters according to his own convenience. However, from the time of King Pṛthu, plans were made for towns and villages. ।। 4-18-32 ।।