1. 16

    सा दिशो विदिशो देवी रोदसी चान्तरं तयोः । धावन्ती तत्र तत्रैनं ददर्शानूद्यतायुधम् ।। ४-१७-१६ ।।

    The cow-shaped earth ran here and there in outer space between the heavenly planets and the earth, and wherever she ran, the King chased her with his bow and arrows. ।। 4-17-16 ।।

  2. 17

    लोके नाविन्दत त्राणं वैन्यान्मृत्योरिव प्रजाः । त्रस्ता तदा निववृते हृदयेन विदूयता ।। ४-१७-१७ ।।

    Just as a man cannot escape the cruel hands of death, the cow-shaped earth could not escape the hands of the son of Vena. At length the earth, fearful, her heart aggrieved, turned back in helplessness. ।। 4-17-17 ।।

  3. 18

    उवाच च महाभागं धर्मज्ञाऽऽपन्नवत्सल । त्राहि मामपि भूतानां पालनेऽवस्थितो भवान् ।। ४-१७-१८ ।।

    Addressing the great, opulent King Pṛthu as the knower of religious principles and shelter of the surrendered, she said: Please save me. You are the protector of all living entities. Now you are situated as the King of this planet. ।। 4-17-18 ।।

  4. 19

    स त्वं जिघांससे कस्माद्दीनामकृतकिल्बिषाम् । अहनिष्यत्कथं योषां धर्मज्ञ इति यो मतः ।। ४-१७-१९ ।।

    The cow-shaped earth continued to appeal to the King: I am very poor and have not committed any sinful activities. I do not know why you want to kill me. Since you are supposed to be the knower of all religious principles, why are you so envious of me, and why are you so anxious to kill a woman? ।। 4-17-19 ।।

  5. 20

    प्रहरन्ति न वै स्त्रीषु कृतागःस्वपि जन्तवः । किमुत त्वद्विधा राजन् करुणा दीनवत्सलाः ।। ४-१७-२०‌ ।।

    Even if a woman does commit some sinful activity, no one should place his hand upon her. And what to speak of you, dear King, who are so merciful. You are a protector, and you are affectionate to the poor. ।। 4-17-20 ।।