1. 11

    तस्याभिषेक आरब्धो ब्राह्मणैर्ब्रह्मवादिभिः । आभिषेचनिकान्यस्मै आजह्रुः सर्वतो जनाः ।। ४-१५-११ ।।

    The learned brāhmaṇas, who were very attached to the Vedic ritualistic ceremonies, then arranged for the King’s coronation. People from all directions collected all the different paraphernalia for the ceremony. Thus everything was complete. ।। 4-15-11 ।।

  2. 12

    सरित्समुद्रा गिरयो नागा गावः खगा मृगाः । द्यौः क्षितिः सर्वभूतानि समाजह्रुरुपायनम् ।। ४-१५-१२ ।।

    All the rivers, seas, hills, mountains, serpents, cows, birds, animals, heavenly planets, the earthly planet and all other living entities collected various presentations, according to their ability, to offer the King. ।। 4-15-12 ।।

  3. 13

    सोऽभिषिक्तो महाराजः सुवासाः साध्वलङ्कृतः । पत्न्यार्चिषालङ्कृतया विरेजेऽग्निरिवापरः ।। ४-१५-१३ ।।

    Thus the great King Pṛthu, exquisitely dressed with garments and ornaments, was coronated and placed on the throne. The King and his wife, Arci, who was also exquisitely ornamented, appeared exactly like fire. ।। 4-15-13 ।।

  4. 14

    तस्मै जहार धनदो हैमं वीरवरासनम् । वरुणः सलिलस्रावमातपत्रं शशिप्रभम् ।। ४-१५-१४ ।।

    The great sage continued: My dear Vidura, Kuvera presented the great King Pṛthu with a golden throne. The demigod Varuṇa presented him with an umbrella that constantly sprayed fine particles of water and was as brilliant as the moon. ।। 4-15-14 ।।

  5. 15

    वायुश्च वालव्यजने धर्मः कीर्तिमयीं स्रजम् । इन्द्रः किरीटमुत्कृष्टं दण्डं संयमनं यमः ।। ४-१५-१५ ।।

    The demigod of air, Vāyu, presented King Pṛthu with two whisks [cāmaras] of hair; the King of religion, Dharma, presented him with a flower garland which would expand his fame; the King of heaven, Indra, presented him with a valuable helmet; and the superintendent of death, Yamarāja, presented him with a scepter with which to rule the world. ।। 4-15-15 ।।