1. 21

    तं सर्वलोकामरयज्ञसङ्ग्रहं त्रयीमयं द्रव्यमयं तपोमयम् । यज्ञैर्विचित्रैर्यजतो भवाय ते राजन् स्वदेशाननुरोद्धुमर्हसि ।। ४-१४-२१ ।।

    Dear King, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, along with the predominating deities, is the enjoyer of the results of all sacrifices in all planets. The Supreme Lord is the sum total of the three Vedas, the owner of everything, and the ultimate goal of all austerity. Therefore your countrymen should engage in performing various sacrifices for your elevation. Indeed, you should always direct them towards the offering of sacrifices. ।। 4-14-21 ।।

  2. 22

    यज्ञेन युष्मद्विषये द्विजातिभिर्वितायमानेन सुराः कला हरेः । स्विष्टाः सुतुष्टाः प्रदिशन्ति वाञ्छितं तद्धेलनं नार्हसि वीर चेष्टितुम् ।। ४-१४-२२ ।।

    When all the brāhmaṇas engage in performing sacrifices in your kingdom, all the demigods, who are plenary expansions of the Lord, will be very much satisfied by their activities and will give you your desired result. Therefore, O hero, do not stop the sacrificial performances. If you stop them, you will disrespect the demigods. ।। 4-14-22 ।।

  3. 23

    वेन उवाच बालिशा बत यूयं वा अधर्मे धर्ममानिनः । ये वृत्तिदं पतिं हित्वा जारं पतिमुपासते ।। ४-१४-२३ ।।

    King Vena replied: You are not at all experienced. It is very much regrettable that you are maintaining something which is not religious and are accepting it as religious. Indeed, I think you are giving up your real husband, who maintains you, and are searching after some paramour to worship. ।। 4-14-23 ।।

  4. 24

    अवजानन्त्यमी मूढा नृपरूपिणमीश्वरम् । नानुविन्दन्ति ते भद्रमिह लोके परत्र च ।। ४-१४-२४ ।।

    Those who, out of gross ignorance, do not worship the king, who is actually the Supreme Personality of Godhead, experience happiness neither in this world nor in the world after death. ।। 4-14-24 ‌‌।।

  5. 25

    को यज्ञपुरुषो नाम यत्र वो भक्तिरीदृशी । भर्तृस्नेहविदूराणां यथा जारे कुयोषिताम् ।। ४-१४-२५ ‌‌।।

    You are so much devoted to the demigods, but who are they? Indeed, your affection for these demigods is exactly like the affection of an unchaste woman who neglects her married life and gives all attention to her paramour. ।। 4-14-25 ।।