1. 11

    सर्वभूतात्मभावेन भूतावासं हरिं भवान् । आराध्याप दुराराध्यं विष्णोस्तत्परमं पदम् ।। ४-११-११ ।।

    It is very difficult to achieve the spiritual abode of Hari, in the Vaikuṇṭha planets, but you are so fortunate that you are already destined to go to that abode by worshiping Him as the supreme abode of all living entities. ।। 4-11-11 ।।

  2. 12

    स त्वं हरेरनुध्यातस्तत्पुंसामपि सम्मतः । कथं त्ववद्यं कृतवाननुशिक्षन् सतां व्रतम् ।। ४-११-१२ ‌‌।।

    Because you are a pure devotee of the Lord, the Lord is always thinking of you, and you are also recognized by all His confidential devotees. Your life is meant for exemplary behavior. I am therefore surprised — why have you undertaken such an abominable task? ।। 4-11-12 ।।

  3. 13

    तितिक्षया करुणया मैत्र्या चाखिलजन्तुषु । समत्वेन च सर्वात्मा भगवान् सम्प्रसीदति ।। ४-११-१३ ‌।।

    The Lord is very satisfied with His devotee when the devotee greets other people with tolerance, mercy, friendship and equality. ।। 4-11-13 ।।

  4. 14

    सम्प्रसन्ने भगवति पुरुषः प्राकृतैर्गुणैः । विमुक्तो जीवनिर्मुक्तो ब्रह्मनिर्वाणमृच्छति ।। ४-११-१४ ।।

    One who actually satisfies the Supreme Personality of Godhead during one’s lifetime becomes liberated from the gross and subtle material conditions. Thus being freed from all material modes of nature, he achieves unlimited spiritual bliss. ।। 4-11-14 ।।

  5. 15

    भूतैः पञ्चभिरारब्धैर्योषित्पुरुष एव हि । तयोर्व्यवायात्सम्भूतिर्योषित्पुरुषयोरिह ।। ४-११-१५ ।।

    The creation of the material world begins with the five elements, and thus everything, including the body of a man or a woman, is created of these elements. By the sexual life of man and woman, the number of men and women in this material world is further increased. ।। 4-11-15 ।।