1. 61

    तेभ्योऽग्नयः समभवन् चत्वारिंशच्च पञ्च च । त एवैकोनपञ्चाशत्साकं पितृपितामहैः ।। ४-१-६१ ।।

    From those three sons another forty-five descendants were generated, who are also fire-gods. The total number of fire-gods is therefore forty-nine, including the fathers and the grandfather. ।। 4-1-61 ।।

  2. 62

    वैतानिके कर्मणि यन्नामभिर्ब्रह्मवादिभिः । आग्नेय्य इष्टयो यज्ञे निरूप्यन्तेऽग्नयस्तु ते ।। ४-१-६२ ।।

    These forty-nine fire-gods are the beneficiaries of the oblations offered in the Vedic sacrificial fire by impersonalist brāhmaṇas. ।। 4-1-62 ।।

  3. 63

    अग्निष्वात्ता बर्हिषदः सौम्याः पितर आज्यपाः । साग्नयोऽनग्नयस्तेषां पत्नी दाक्षायणी स्वधा ।। ४-१-६३ ।।

    The Agniṣvāttas, the Barhiṣadas, the Saumyas and the Ājyapas are the Pitās. They are either sāgnika or niragnika. The wife of all these Pitās is Svadhā, who is the daughter of King Dakṣa. ।। 4-1-63 ।।

  4. 64

    तेभ्यो दधार कन्ये द्वे वयुनां धारिणीं स्वधा । उभे ते ब्रह्मवादिन्यौ ज्ञानविज्ञानपारगे ।। ४-१-६४ ।।

    Svadhā, who was offered to the Pitās, begot two daughters named Vayunā and Dhāriṇī, both of whom were impersonalists and were expert in transcendental and Vedic knowledge. ।। 4-1-64 ।।

  5. 65

    भवस्य पत्नी तु सती भवं देवमनुव्रता । आत्मनः सदृशं पुत्रं न लेभे गुणशीलतः ।। ४-१-६५ ।।

    The sixteenth daughter, whose name was Satī, was the wife of Lord Śiva. She could not produce a child, although she always faithfully engaged in the service of her husband. ।। 4-1-65 ।।