1. 21

    तप्यमानं त्रिभुवनं प्राणायामैधसाग्निना । निर्गतेन मुनेर्मूर्ध्नः समीक्ष्य प्रभवस्त्रयः ।। ४-१-२१ ।।

    While Atri Muni was engaged in these severe austerities, a blazing fire came out of his head by virtue of his breathing exercise, and that fire was seen by the three principal deities of the three worlds. ।। 4-1-21 ।।

  2. 22

    अप्सरोमुनिगन्धर्वसिद्धविद्याधरोरगैः । वितायमानयशसस्तदाश्रमपदं ययुः ।। ४-१-२२ ।।

    At that time, the three deities approached the hermitage of Atri Muni, accompanied by the denizens of the heavenly planets, such as the celestial beauties, the Gandharvas, the Siddhas, the Vidyādharas and the Nāgas. Thus they entered the āśrama of the great sage, who had become famous by his austerities. ।। 4-1-22 ।।

  3. 23

    तत्प्रादुर्भावसंयोगविद्योतितमना मुनिः । उत्तिष्ठन्नेकपादेन ददर्श विबुधर्षभान् ।। ४-१-२३ ।।

    The sage was standing on one leg, but as soon as he saw that the three deities had appeared before him, he was so pleased to see them all together that despite great difficulty he approached them on one leg. ।। 4-1-23 ।।

  4. 24

    प्रणम्य दण्डवद्भूमावुपतस्थेऽर्हणाञ्जलिः । वृषहंससुपर्णस्थान् स्वैः स्वैश्चिह्नैश्च चिह्नितान् ।। ४-१-२४ ।।

    Thereafter he began to offer prayers to the three deities, who were seated on different carriers — a bull, a swan and Garuḍa — and who held in their hands a drum, kuśa grass and a discus. The sage offered them his respects by falling down like a stick. ।। 4-1-24 ।।

  5. 25

    कृपावलोकेन हसद्वदनेनोपलम्भितान् । तद्रोचिषा प्रतिहते निमील्य मुनिरक्षिणी ।। ४-१-२५ ।।

    Atri Muni was greatly pleased to see that the three devas were gracious towards him. His eyes were dazzled by the effulgence of their bodies, and therefore he closed his eyes for the time being. ।। 4-1-25 ।।