1. 36

    ज्ञातोऽहं भवता त्वद्य दुर्विज्ञेयोऽपि देहिनाम् । यन्मां त्वं मन्यसेऽयुक्तं भूतेन्द्रियगुणात्मभिः ।। ३-९-३६ ।।

    Although I am not easily knowable by the conditioned soul, you have known Me today because you know that My personality is not constituted of anything material, and specifically not of the five gross and three subtle elements. ।। 3-9-36 ।।

  2. 37

    तुभ्यं मद्विचिकित्सायामात्मा मे दर्शितोऽबहिः । नालेन सलिले मूलं पुष्करस्य विचिन्वतः ।। ३-९-३७ ।।

    When you were contemplating whether there was a source to the stem of the lotus of your birth and you even entered into that stem, you could not trace out anything. But at that time I manifested My form from within. ।। 3-9-37 ।।

  3. 38

    यच्चकर्थाङ्ग मत्स्तोत्रं मत्कथाभ्युदयाङ्कितम् । यद्वा तपसि ते निष्ठा स एष मदनुग्रहः ।। ३-९-३८ ।।

    O Brahmā, the prayers that you have chanted praising the glories of My transcendental activities, the penances you have undertaken to understand Me, and your firm faith in Me — all these are to be considered My causeless mercy. ।। 3-9-38 ।।

  4. 39

    प्रीतोऽहमस्तु भद्रं ते लोकानां विजयेच्छया । यदस्तौषीर्गुणमयं निर्गुणं मानुवर्णयन् ।। ३-९-३९ ।।

    I am very much pleased by your description of Me in terms of My transcendental qualities, which appear mundane to the mundaners. I grant you all benedictions in your desire to glorify all the planets by your activities. ।। 3-9-39 ।।

  5. 40

    य एतेन पुमान्नित्यं स्तुत्वा स्तोत्रेण मां भजेत् । तस्याशु सम्प्रसीदेयं सर्वकामवरेश्वरः ।। ३-९-४० ।।

    Any human being who prays like Brahmā, and who thus worships Me, shall very soon be blessed with the fulfillment of all his desires, for I am the Lord of all benediction. ।। 3-9-40 ।।