1. 31

    निवीतमाम्नायमधुव्रतश्रिया स्वकीर्तिमय्या वनमालया हरिम् । सूर्येन्दुवाय्वग्न्यगमं त्रिधामभिः परिक्रमत्प्राधनिकैर्दुरासदम् ।। ३-८-३१ ।।

    Lord Brahmā, thus looking upon the Lord in the shape of a mountain, concluded that He was Hari, the Personality of Godhead. He saw that the garland of flowers on His chest glorified Him with Vedic wisdom in sweet songs and looked very beautiful. He was protected by the Sudarśana wheel for fighting, and even the sun, moon, air, fire, etc., could not have access to Him. ।। 3-8-31 ।।

  2. 32

    तर्ह्येव तन्नाभिसरःसरोजमात्मानमम्भः श्वसनं वियच्च । ददर्श देवो जगतो विधाता नातः परं लोकविसर्गदृष्टिः ।। ३-८-३२ ।।

    When Lord Brahmā, the maker of the universal destination, thus saw the Lord, he simultaneously glanced over creation. Lord Brahmā saw the lake in Lord Viṣṇu’s navel, and the lotus flower, as well as the devastating water, the drying air and the sky. All became visible to him. ।। 3-8-32 ।।

  3. 33

    स कर्मबीजं रजसोपरक्तः प्रजाः सिसृक्षन्नियदेव दृष्ट्वा । अस्तौद्विसर्गाभिमुखस्तमीड्यमव्यक्तवर्त्मन्यभिवेशितात्मा ।। ३-८-३३ ।।

    Lord Brahmā, thus being surcharged with the mode of passion, became inclined to create, and after seeing the five causes of creation indicated by the Personality of Godhead, he began to offer his respectful prayers on the path of the creative mentality. ।। 3-8-33 ।।