1. 46

    तथापरे चात्मसमाधियोगबलेन जित्वा प्रकृतिं बलिष्ठाम् । त्वामेव धीराः पुरुषं विशन्ति तेषां श्रमः स्यान्न तु सेवया ते ।। ३-५-४६ ।।

    Others, who are pacified by means of transcendental self-realization and have conquered over the modes of nature by dint of strong power and knowledge, also enter into You, but for them there is much pain, whereas the devotee simply discharges devotional service and thus feels no such pain. ।। 3-5-46 ।।

  2. 47

    तत्ते वयं लोकसिसृक्षयाद्य त्वयानुसृष्टास्त्रिभिरात्मभिः स्म । सर्वे वियुक्ताः स्वविहारतन्त्रं न शक्नुमस्तत्प्रतिहर्तवे ते ।। ३-५-४७ ।।

    O Original Person, we are therefore but Yours only. Although we are Your creatures, we are born one after another under the influence of the three modes of nature, and for this reason we are separated in action. Therefore, after the creation we could not act concertedly for Your transcendental pleasure. ।। 3-5-47 ।।

  3. 48

    यावद्बलिं तेऽज हराम काले यथा वयं चान्नमदाम यत्र । यथोभयेषां त इमे हि लोका बलिं हरन्तोऽन्नमदन्त्यनूहाः ।। ३-५-४८ ।।

    O unborn one, please enlighten us regarding the ways and means by which we can offer You all enjoyable grains and commodities so that both we and all other living entities in this world can maintain ourselves without disturbance and can easily accumulate the necessities of life both for You and for ourselves. ।। 3-5-48 ।।

  4. 49

    त्वं नः सुराणामसि सान्वयानां कूटस्थ आद्यः पुरुषः पुराणः । त्वं देव शक्त्यां गुणकर्मयोनौ रेतस्त्वजायां कविमादधेऽजः ।। ३-५-४९ ।।

    You are the original personal founder of all the demigods and the orders of different gradations, yet You are the oldest and are unchanged. O Lord, You have no source or superior. You have impregnated the external energy with the semen of the total living entities, yet You are unborn. ।। 3-5-49 ।।

  5. 50

    ततो वयं सत्प्रमुखा यदर्थे बभूविमात्मन् करवाम किं ते । त्वं नः स्वचक्षुः परिदेहि शक्त्या देव क्रियार्थे यदनुग्रहाणाम् ।। ३-५-५० ।।

    O Supreme Self, please give us, who are created in the beginning from the mahat-tattva, the total cosmic energy, Your kind directions on how we shall act. Kindly award us Your perfect knowledge and potency so that we can render You service in the different departments of subsequent creation. ।। 3-5-50 ।।