1. 1

    श्रीशुक उवाच द्वारि द्युनद्या ऋषभः कुरूणां मैत्रेयमासीनमगाधबोधम् । क्षत्तोपसृत्याच्युतभावशुद्धः पप्रच्छ सौशील्यगुणाभितृप्तः ।। ३-५-१ ।।

    Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: Vidura, the best amongst the Kuru dynasty, who was perfect in devotional service to the Lord, thus reached the source of the celestial Ganges river [Hardwar], where Maitreya, the great, fathomless learned sage of the world, was seated. Vidura, who was perfect in gentleness and satisfied in transcendence, inquired from him. ।। 3-5-1 ।।

  2. 2

    विदुर उवाच सुखाय कर्माणि करोति लोको न तैः सुखं वान्यदुपारमं वा । विन्देत भूयस्तत एव दुःखं यदत्र युक्तं भगवान् वदेन्नः ।। ३-५-२ ।।

    Vidura said: O great sage, everyone in this world engages in fruitive activities to attain happiness, but one finds neither satiation nor the mitigation of distress. On the contrary, one is only aggravated by such activities. Please, therefore, give us directions on how one should live for real happiness. ।। 3-5-2 ।।

  3. 3

    जनस्य कृष्णाद्विमुखस्य दैवादधर्मशीलस्य सुदुःखितस्य । अनुग्रहायेह चरन्ति नूनं भूतानि भव्यानि जनार्दनस्य ।। ३-५-३ ।।

    O my lord, great philanthropic souls travel on the earth on behalf of the Supreme Personality of Godhead to show compassion to the fallen souls who are averse to the sense of subordination to the Lord. ।। 3-5-3 ।।

  4. 4

    तत्साधुवर्यादिश वर्त्म शं नः संराधितो भगवान् येन पुंसाम् । हृदि स्थितो यच्छति भक्तिपूते ज्ञानं स तत्त्वाधिगमं पुराणम् ।। ३-५-४ ।।

    Therefore, O great sage, please give me instruction on the transcendental devotional service of the Lord, so that He who is situated in the heart of everyone can be pleased to impart, from within, knowledge of the Absolute Truth in terms of the ancient Vedic principles delivered only to those who are purified by the process of devotional service. ।। 3-5-4 ।।

  5. 5

    करोति कर्माणि कृतावतारो यान्यात्मतन्त्रो भगवांस्त्र्यधीशः । यथा ससर्जाग्र इदं निरीहः संस्थाप्य वृत्तिं जगतो विधत्ते ।। ३-५-५ ।।

    O great sage, kindly narrate how the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the independent, desireless Lord of the three worlds and the controller of all energies, accepts incarnations and creates the cosmic manifestation with perfectly arranged regulative principles for its maintenance. ।। 3-5-5 ।।