1. 16

    कर्माण्यनीहस्य भवोऽभवस्य ते दुर्गाश्रयोऽथारिभयात्पलायनम् । कालात्मनो यत्प्रमदायुताश्रमः स्वात्मन् रतेः खिद्यति धीर्विदामिह ।। ३-४-१६ ।।

    My Lord, even the learned sages become disturbed in their intelligence when they see that Your Greatness engages in fruitive work although You are free from all desires, that You take birth although You are unborn, that You flee out of fear of the enemy and take shelter in a fort although You are the controller of invincible time, and that You enjoy householder life surrounded by many women although You enjoy in Your Self. ।। 3-4-16 ।।

  2. 17

    मन्त्रेषु मां वा उपहूय यत्त्वमकुण्ठिताखण्डसदात्मबोधः । पृच्छेः प्रभो मुग्द्ध इवाप्रमत्तः तन्नो मनो मोहयतीव देव ।। ३-४-१७ ।।

    O my Lord, Your eternal Self is never divided by the influence of time, and there is no limitation to Your perfect knowledge. Thus You were sufficiently able to consult with Yourself, yet You called upon me for consultation, as if bewildered, although You are never bewildered. And this act of Yours bewilders me. ।। 3-4-17 ।।

  3. 18

    ज्ञानं परं स्वात्मरहःप्रकाशं प्रोवाच कस्मै भगवान् समग्रम् । अपि क्षमं नो ग्रहणाय भर्तः वदाञ्जसा यद्वृजिनं तरेम ।। ३-४-१८ ।।

    My Lord, kindly explain to us, if You think us competent to receive it, that transcendental knowledge which gives enlightenment about Yourself and which You explained before to Brahmājī. ।। 3-4-18 ।।

  4. 19

    इत्यावेदितहार्दाय मह्यं स भगवान् परः । आदिदेशारविन्दाक्ष आत्मनः परमां स्थितिम् ।। ३-४-१९ ।।

    When I thus expressed my heartfelt desires unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the lotus-eyed Lord instructed me about His transcendental situation. ।। 3-4-19 ।।

  5. 20

    स एवमाराधितपादतीर्थादधीततत्त्वात्मविबोधमार्गः । प्रणम्य पादौ परिवृत्य देवमिहागतोऽहं विरहातुरात्मा ।। ३-४-२० ।।

    I have studied the path of understanding self-knowledge from my spiritual master, the Personality of Godhead, and thus after circumambulating Him I have come to this place, very much aggrieved due to separation. ।। 3-4-20 ।।