1. 16

    पयःफेननिभाः शय्या दान्ता रुक्मपरिच्छदाः । आसनानि च हैमानि सुस्पर्शास्तरणानि च ।। ३-३३-१६ ।।

    The opulence of the household of Kardama Muni is described herein. The bedsheets and mattresses were all as white as the foam of milk, the chairs and benches were made of ivory and were covered by cloths of lace with golden filigree, and the couches were made of gold and had very soft pillows. ।। 3-33-16 ।।

  2. 17

    स्वच्छस्फटिककुड्येषु महामारकतेषु च । रत्नप्रदीपा आभान्ति ललनारत्नसंयुताः ।। ३-३३-१७ ।‌।

    The walls of the house were made of first-class marble, decorated with valuable jewels. There was no need of light, for the household was illuminated by the rays of these jewels. The female members of the household were all amply decorated with jewelry. ।। 3-33-17 ।।

  3. 18

    गृहोद्यानं कुसुमितै रम्यं बह्वमरद्रुमैः । कूजद्विहङ्गमिथुनं गायन् मत्तमधुव्रतम् ।। ३-३३-१८ ।।

    The compound of the main household was surrounded by beautiful gardens with sweet, fragrant flowers and many trees which produced fresh fruit and were tall and beautiful. The attraction of such gardens was that singing birds would sit on the trees, and their chanting voices, as well as the humming sound of the bees, made the whole atmosphere as pleasing as possible. ।। 3-33-18 ।।

  4. 19

    यत्र प्रविष्टमात्मानं विबुधानुचरा जगुः । वाप्यामुत्पलगन्धिन्यां कर्दमेनोपलालितम् ।। ३-३३-१९ ।।

    When Devahūti would enter that lovely garden to take her bath in the pond filled with lotus flowers, the associates of the denizens of heaven, the Gandharvas, would sing about Kardama’s glorious household life. Her great husband, Kardama, gave her all protection at all times. ।। 3-33-19 ।।

  5. 20

    हित्वा तदीप्सिततममप्याखण्डलयोषिताम् । किञ्चिच्चकार वदनं पुत्रविश्लेषणातुरा ।। ३-३३-२० ।।

    Although her position was unique from all points of view, saintly Devahūti, in spite of all her possessions, which were envied even by the ladies of the heavenly planets, gave up all such comforts. She was only sorry that her great son was separated from her. ।। 3-33-20 ।।