1. 31

    तदर्थं कुरुते कर्म यद्बद्धो याति संसृतिम् । योऽनुयाति ददत्क्लेशमविद्याकर्मबन्धनः ।। ३-३१-३१ ।।

    For the sake of the body, which is a source of constant trouble to him and which follows him because he is bound by ties of ignorance and fruitive activities, he performs various actions which cause him to be subjected to repeated birth and death. ।। 3-31-31 ।।

  2. 32

    यद्यसद्भिः पथि पुनः शिश्नोदरकृतोद्यमैः । आस्थितो रमते जन्तुस्तमो विशति पूर्ववत् ।। ३-३१-३२ ।।

    If, therefore, the living entity again associates with the path of unrighteousness, influenced by sensually minded people engaged in the pursuit of sexual enjoyment and the gratification of the palate, he again goes to hell as before. ।। 3-31-32 ।।

  3. 33

    सत्यं शौचं दया मौनं बुद्धिः श्रीर्ह्रीर्यशः क्षमा । शमो दमो भगश्चेति यत्सङ्गाद्याति सङ्क्षयम् ।। ३-३१-३३ ‌‌।।

    He becomes devoid of truthfulness, cleanliness, mercy, gravity, spiritual intelligence, shyness, austerity, fame, forgiveness, control of the mind, control of the senses, fortune and all such opportunities. ।। 3-31-33 ।।

  4. 34

    तेष्वशान्तेषु मूढेषु खण्डितात्मस्वसाधुषु । सङ्गं न कुर्याच्छोच्येषु योषित्क्रीडामृगेषु च ।। ३-३१-३४ ।।

    One should not associate with a coarse fool who is bereft of the knowledge of self-realization and who is no more than a dancing dog in the hands of a woman. ।। 3-31-34 ।।

  5. 35

    न तथास्य भवेन्मोहो बन्धश्चान्यप्रसङ्गतः । योषित्सङ्गाद्यथा पुंसो यथा तत्सङ्गिसङ्गतः ।। ३-३१-३५ ।‌।

    The infatuation and bondage which accrue to a man from attachment to any other object is not as complete as that resulting from attachment to a woman or to the fellowship of men who are fond of women. ।। 3-31-35 ।।