1. 26

    शायितोऽशुचिपर्यङ्के जन्तुः स्वेदजदूषिते । नेशः कण्डूयनेऽङ्गानामासनोत्थानचेष्टने ।। ३-३१-२६ ‌‌।।

    Laid down on a foul bed infested with sweat and germs, the poor child is incapable of scratching his body to get relief from his itching sensation, to say nothing of sitting up, standing or even moving. ।। 3-31-26 ।।

  2. 27

    तुदन्त्यामत्वचं दंशा मशका मत्कुणादयः । रुदन्तं विगतज्ञानं कृमयः कृमिकं यथा ।। ३-३१-२७ ।।

    In his helpless condition, gnats, mosquitoes, bugs and other germs bite the baby, whose skin is tender, just as smaller worms bite a big worm. The child, deprived of his wisdom, cries bitterly. ।। 3-31-27 ।।

  3. 28

    इत्येवं शैशवं भुक्त्वा दुःखं पौगण्डमेव च । अलब्धाभीप्सितोऽज्ञानादिद्धमन्युः शुचार्पितः ।। ३-३१-२८ ।।

    In this way, the child passes through his childhood, suffering different kinds of distress, and attains boyhood. In boyhood also he suffers pain over desires to get things he can never achieve. And thus, due to ignorance, he becomes angry and sorry. ।। 3-31-28 ।।

  4. 29

    सह देहेन मानेन वर्धमानेन मन्युना । करोति विग्रहं कामी कामिष्वन्ताय चात्मनः ।। ३-३१-२९ ।।

    With the growth of the body, the living entity, in order to vanquish his soul, increases his false prestige and anger and thereby creates enmity towards similarly lusty people. ।। 3-31-29 ।।

  5. 30

    भूतैः पञ्चभिरारब्धे देहे देह्यबुधोऽसकृत् । अहं ममेत्यसद्ग्राहः करोति कुमतिर्मतिम् ।। ३-३१-३० ।।

    By such ignorance the living entity accepts the material body, which is made of five elements, as himself. With this misunderstanding, he accepts nonpermanent things as his own and increases his ignorance in the darkest region. ।। 3-31-30 ।।