1. 6

    आत्मजायासुतागारपशुद्रविणबन्धुषु । निरूढमूलहृदय आत्मानं बहु मन्यते ।। ३-३०-६ ।।

    Such satisfaction with one’s standard of living is due to deep-rooted attraction for body, wife, home, children, animals, wealth and friends. In such association, the conditioned soul thinks himself quite perfect. ।। 3-30-6 ।।

  2. 7

    सन्दह्यमानसर्वाङ्ग एषामुद्वहनाधिना । करोत्यविरतं मूढो दुरितानि दुराशयः ।। ३-३०-७ ।।

    Although he is always burning with anxiety, such a fool always performs all kinds of mischievous activities, with a hope which is never to be fulfilled, in order to maintain his so-called family and society. ।। 3-30-7 ।।

  3. 8

    आक्षिप्तात्मेन्द्रियः स्त्रीणामसतीनां च मायया । रहो रचितयाऽऽलापैः शिशूनां कलभाषिणाम् ।। ३-३०-८ ।।

    He gives heart and senses to a woman, who falsely charms him with māyā. He enjoys solitary embraces and talking with her, and he is enchanted by the sweet words of the small children. ।। 3-30-8 ।।

  4. 9

    गृहेषु कूटधर्मेषु दुःखतन्त्रेष्वतन्द्रितः । कुर्वन् दुःखप्रतीकारं सुखवन्मन्यते गृही ।। ३-३०-९ ।।

    The attached householder remains in his family life, which is full of diplomacy and politics. Always spreading miseries and controlled by acts of sense gratification, he acts just to counteract the reactions of all his miseries, and if he can successfully counteract such miseries, he thinks that he is happy. ।। 3-30-9 ।।

  5. 10

    अर्थैरापादितैर्गुर्व्या हिंसयेतस्ततश्च तान् । पुष्णाति येषां पोषेण शेषभुग्यात्यधः स्वयम् ।। ३-३०-१० ।।

    He secures money by committing violence here and there, and although he employs it in the service of his family, he himself eats only a little portion of the food thus purchased, and he goes to hell for those for whom he earned the money in such an irregular way. ।। 3-30-10 ।।