1. 31

    ततो वर्णाश्च चत्वारस्तेषां ब्राह्मण उत्तमः । ब्राह्मणेष्वपि वेदज्ञो ह्यर्थज्ञोऽभ्यधिकस्ततः ।। ३-२९-३१ ।।

    Among human beings, the society which is divided according to quality and work is best, and in that society, the intelligent men, who are designated as brāhmaṇas, are best. Among the brāhmaṇas, one who has studied the Vedas is the best, and among the brāhmaṇas who have studied the Vedas, one who knows the actual purport of Veda is the best. ।। 3-29-31 ।।

  2. 32

    अर्थज्ञात्संशयच्छेत्ता ततः श्रेयान् स्वकर्मकृत् । मुक्तसङ्गस्ततो भूयानदोग्धा धर्ममात्मनः ।। ३-२९-३२ ।।

    Better than the brāhmaṇa who knows the purpose of the Vedas is he who can dissipate all doubts, and better than him is one who strictly follows the brahminical principles. Better than him is one who is liberated from all material contamination, and better than him is a pure devotee, who executes devotional service without expectation of reward. ।। 3-29-32 ।।

  3. 33

    तस्मान्मय्यर्पिताशेषक्रियार्थात्मा निरन्तरः । मय्यर्पितात्मनः पुंसो मयि सन्न्यस्तकर्मणः । न पश्यामि परं भूतमकर्तुः समदर्शनात् ।। ३-२९-३३ ।।

    Therefore I do not find a greater person than he who has no interest outside of Mine and who therefore engages and dedicates all his activities and all his life — everything — unto Me without cessation. ।। 3-29-33 ।।

  4. 34

    मनसैतानि भूतानि प्रणमेद्बहुमानयन् । ईश्वरो जीवकलया प्रविष्टो भगवानिति ।। ३-२९-३४ ।‌।

    Such a perfect devotee offers respects to every living entity because he is under the firm conviction that the Supreme Personality of Godhead has entered the body of every living entity as the Supersoul, or controller. ।। 3-29-34 ।।

  5. 35

    भक्तियोगश्च योगश्च मया मानव्युदीरितः । ययोरेकतरेणैव पुरुषः पुरुषं व्रजेत् ।। ३-२९-३५ ।।

    My dear mother, O daughter of Manu, a devotee who applies the science of devotional service and mystic yoga in this way can achieve the abode of the Supreme Person simply by that devotional service. ।। 3-29-35 ।।