1. 1

    देवहूतिरुवाच लक्षणं महदादीनां प्रकृतेः पुरुषस्य च । स्वरूपं लक्ष्यतेऽमीषां येन तत्पारमार्थिकम् ।। ३-२९-१ ।।

    Devahūti inquired: My dear Lord, You have already very scientifically described the symptoms of the total material nature and the characteristics of the spirit according to the Sāṅkhya system of philosophy. ।। 3-29-1 ।।

  2. 2

    यथा साङ्ख्येषु कथितं यन्मूलं तत्प्रचक्षते । भक्तियोगस्य मे मार्गं ब्रूहि विस्तरशः प्रभो ।। ३-२९-२ ।।

    Now I shall request You to explain the path of devotional service, which is the ultimate end of all philosophical systems. ।। 3-29-2 ।।

  3. 3

    विरागो येन पुरुषो भगवन् सर्वतो भवेत् । आचक्ष्व जीवलोकस्य विविधा मम संसृतीः ।। ३-२९-३ ।।

    Devahūti continued: My dear Lord, please also describe in detail, both for me and for people in general, the continual process of birth and death, for by hearing of such calamities we may become detached from the activities of this material world. ।। 3-29-3 ।।

  4. 4

    कालस्येश्वररूपस्य परेषां च परस्य ते । स्वरूपं बत कुर्वन्ति यद्धेतोः कुशलं जनाः ।। ३-२९-४ ।।

    Please also describe eternal time, which is a representation of Your form and by whose influence people in general engage in the performance of pious activities. ।। 3-29-4 ।।

  5. 5

    लोकस्य मिथ्याभिमतेरचक्षुषश्चिरं प्रसुप्तस्य तमस्यनाश्रये । श्रान्तस्य कर्मस्वनुविद्धया धिया त्वमाविरासीः किल योगभास्करः ।। ३-२९-५ ।।

    My dear Lord, You are just like the sun, for You illuminate the darkness of the conditional life of the living entities. Because their eyes of knowledge are not open, they are sleeping eternally in that darkness without Your shelter, and therefore they are falsely engaged by the actions and reactions of their material activities, and they appear to be very fatigued. ।। 3-29-5 ।।