1. 26

    वक्षोऽधिवासमृषभस्य महाविभूतेः पुंसां मनोनयननिर्वृतिमादधानम् । कण्ठं च कौस्तुभमणेरधिभूषणार्थं कुर्यान्मनस्यखिललोकनमस्कृतस्य ।। ३-२८-२६ ।।

    The yogī should then meditate on the chest of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the abode of goddess Mahā-Lakṣmī. The Lord’s chest is the source of all transcendental pleasure for the mind and full satisfaction for the eyes. The yogī should then imprint on his mind the neck of the Personality of Godhead, who is adored by the entire universe. The neck of the Lord serves to enhance the beauty of the Kaustubha gem, which hangs on His chest. ।। 3-28-26 ।।

  2. 27

    बाहूंश्च मन्दरगिरेः परिवर्तनेन निर्णिक्तबाहुवलयानधिलोकपालान् । सञ्चिन्तयेद्दशशतारमसह्यतेजः शङ्खं च तत्करसरोरुहराजहंसम् ।। ३-२८-२७ ।।

    The yogī should further meditate upon the Lord’s four arms, which are the source of all the powers of the demigods who control the various functions of material nature. Then the yogi should concentrate on the polished ornaments, which were burnished by Mount Mandara as it revolved. He should also duly contemplate the Lord’s discus, the Sudarśana cakra, which contains one thousand spokes and a dazzling luster, as well as the conch, which looks like a swan in His lotuslike palm. ।। 3-28-27 ।।

  3. 28

    कौमोदकीं भगवतो दयितां स्मरेत दिग्धामरातिभटशोणितकर्दमेन । मालां मधुव्रतवरूथगिरोपघुष्टां चैत्यस्य तत्त्वममलं मणिमस्य कण्ठे ।। ३-२८-२८ ।।

    The yogī should meditate upon His club, which is named Kaumodakī and is very dear to Him. This club smashes the demons, who are always inimical soldiers, and is smeared with their blood. One should also concentrate on the nice garland on the neck of the Lord, which is always surrounded by bumblebees, with their nice buzzing sound, and one should meditate upon the pearl necklace on the Lord’s neck, which is considered to represent the pure living entities who are always engaged in His service. ।। 3-28-28 ।।

  4. 29

    भृत्यानुकम्पितधियेह गृहीतमूर्तेः सञ्चिन्तयेद्भगवतो वदनारविन्दम् । यद्विस्फुरन्मकरकुण्डलवल्गितेन विद्योतितामलकपोलमुदारनासम् ।। ३-२८-२९ ।।

    The yogī should then meditate on the lotuslike countenance of the Lord, who presents His different forms in this world out of compassion for the anxious devotees. His nose is prominent, and His crystal-clear cheeks are illuminated by the oscillation of His glittering alligator-shaped earrings. ।। 3-28-29 ।।

  5. 30

    यच्छ्रीनिकेतमलिभिः परिसेव्यमानं भूत्या स्वया कुटिलकुन्तलवृन्दजुष्टम् । मीनद्वयाश्रयमधिक्षिपदब्जनेत्रं ध्यायेन्मनोमयमतन्द्रित उल्लसद्भ्रु ।। ३-२८-३० ।।

    The yogi then meditates upon the beautiful face of the Lord, which is adorned with curly hair and decorated by lotuslike eyes and dancing eyebrows. A lotus surrounded by swarming bees and a pair of swimming fish would be put to shame by its elegance. ।। 3-28-30 ।।