1. 21

    सञ्चिन्तयेद्भगवतश्चरणारविन्दं वज्राङ्कुशध्वजसरोरुहलाञ्छनाढ्यम् । उत्तुङ्गरक्तविलसन्नखचक्रवालज्योत्स्नाभिराहतमहद्धृदयान्धकारम् ।। ३-२८-२१ ।।

    The devotee should first concentrate his mind on the Lord’s lotus feet, which are adorned with the marks of a thunderbolt, a goad, a banner and a lotus. The splendor of their beautiful ruby nails resembles the orb of the moon and dispels the thick gloom of one’s heart. ।। 3-28-21 ।।

  2. 22

    यच्छौचनिःसृतसरित्प्रवरोदकेन तीर्थेन मूर्ध्न्यधिकृतेन शिवः शिवोऽभूत् । ध्यातुर्मनःशमलशैलनिसृष्टवज्रं ध्यायेच्चिरं भगवतश्चरणारविन्दम् ।। ३-२८-२२ ।।

    The blessed Lord Śiva becomes all the more blessed by bearing on his head the holy waters of the Ganges, which has its source in the water that washed the Lord’s lotus feet. The Lord’s feet act like thunderbolts hurled to shatter the mountain of sin stored in the mind of the meditating devotee. One should therefore meditate on the lotus feet of the Lord for a long time. ।। 3-28-22 ।।

  3. 23

    जानुद्वयं जलजलोचनया जनन्या लक्ष्म्याखिलस्य सुरवन्दितया विधातुः । ऊर्वोर्निधाय करपल्लवरोचिषा यत् संलालितं हृदि विभोरभवस्य कुर्यात् ।। ३-२८-२३ ।।

    The yogī should fix in his heart the activities of Lakṣmī, the goddess of fortune, who is worshiped by all demigods and is the mother of the supreme person, Brahmā. She can always be found massaging the legs and thighs of the transcendental Lord, very carefully serving Him in this way. ।। 3-28-23 ।।

  4. 24

    ऊरू सुपर्णभुजयोरधिशोभमानावोजोनिधी अतसिकाकुसुमावभासौ । व्यालम्बि पीतवरवाससि वर्तमानकाञ्चीकलापपरिरम्भिनितम्बबिम्बम् ।। ३-२८-२४ ।।

    Next, the yogi should fix his mind in meditation on the Personality of Godhead’s thighs, the storehouse of all energy. The Lord’s thighs are whitish blue, like the luster of the linseed flower, and appear most graceful when the Lord is carried on the shoulders of Garuḍa. Also the yogī should contemplate His rounded hips, which are encircled by a girdle that rests on the exquisite yellow silk cloth that extends down to His ankles. ।। 3-28-24 ।।

  5. 25

    नाभिह्रदं भुवनकोशगुहोदरस्थं यत्रात्मयोनिधिषणाखिललोकपद्मम् । व्यूढं हरिण्मणिवृषस्तनयोरमुष्य ध्यायेद्द्वयं विशदहारमयूखगौरम् ।। ३-२८-२५ ।।

    The yogī should then meditate on His moonlike navel in the center of His abdomen. From His navel, which is the foundation of the entire universe, sprang the lotus stem containing all the different planetary systems. The lotus is the residence of Brahmā, the first created being. In the same way, the yogī should concentrate his mind on the Lord’s nipples, which resemble a pair of most exquisite emeralds and which appear whitish because of the rays of the milk-white pearl necklaces adorning His chest. ।। 3-28-25 ।।