1. 21

    मैत्रेय उवाच स उग्रधन्वन्नियदेवाबभाषे आसीच्च तूष्णीमरविन्दनाभम् । धियोपगृह्णन् स्मितशोभितेन मुखेन चेतो लुलुभे देवहूत्याः ।। ३-२२-२१ ।।

    Śrī Maitreya said: O great warrior Vidura, the sage Kardama said this much only and then became silent, thinking of his worshipable Lord Viṣṇu, who has a lotus on His navel. As he silently smiled, his face captured the mind of Devahūti, who began to meditate upon the great sage. ।। 3-22-21 ।।

  2. 22

    सोऽनुज्ञात्वा व्यवसितं महिष्या दुहितुः स्फुटम् । तस्मै गुणगणाढ्याय ददौ तुल्यां प्रहर्षितः ।। ३-२२-२२ ।।

    After having unmistakably known the decision of the Queen, as well as that of Devahūti, the Emperor most gladly gave his daughter to the sage, whose host of virtues was equaled by hers. ।। 3-22-22 ।।

  3. 23

    शतरूपा महाराज्ञी पारिबर्हान् महाधनान् । दम्पत्योः पर्यदात्प्रीत्या भूषावासः परिच्छदान् ।। ३-२२-२३ ।।

    Empress Śatarūpā lovingly gave most valuable presents, suitable for the occasion, such as jewelry, clothes and household articles, in dowry to the bride and bridegroom. ।। 3-22-23 ।।

  4. 24

    प्रत्तां दुहितरं सम्राट् सदृक्षाय गतव्यथः । उपगुह्य च बाहुभ्यामौत्कण्ठ्योन्मथिताशयः ।। ३-२२-२४ ।।

    Thus relieved of his responsibility by handing over his daughter to a suitable man, Svāyambhuva Manu, his mind agitated by feelings of separation, embraced his affectionate daughter with both his arms. ।। 3-22-24 ।।

  5. 25

    अशक्नुवंस्तद्विरहं मुञ्चन् बाष्पकलां मुहुः । आसिञ्चदम्ब वत्सेति नेत्रोदैर्दुहितुः शिखाः ।। ३-२२-२५ ।।

    The Emperor was unable to bear the separation of his daughter. Therefore tears poured from his eyes again and again, drenching his daughter’s head as he cried, “My dear mother! My dear daughter!” ।। 3-22-25 ।।