1. 51

    योऽर्केन्द्वग्नीन्द्रवायूनां यमधर्मप्रचेतसाम् । रूपाणि स्थान आधत्से तस्मै शुक्लाय ते नमः ।। ३-२१-५१ ।।

    When necessary, You assume the part of the sun-god; the moon-god; Agni, the god of fire; Indra, the lord of paradise; Vāyu, the wind-god; Yama, the god of punishment; Dharma, the god of piety; and Varuṇa, the god presiding over the waters. All obeisances to you, who are none other than Lord Viṣṇu! ।। 3-21-51 ।।

  2. 52

    न यदा रथमास्थाय जैत्रं मणिगणार्पितम् । विस्फूर्जच्चण्डकोदण्डो रथेन त्रासयन्नघान् ।। ३-२१-५२ ।।

    If you did not mount your victorious jeweled chariot, whose mere presence threatens culprits, if you did not produce fierce sounds by the twanging of your bow ।। 3-21-52 ।।

  3. 53

    स्वसैन्यचरणक्षुण्णं वेपयन् मण्डलं भुवः । विकर्षन् बृहतीं सेनां पर्यटस्यंशुमानिव ।। ३-२१-५३ ।।

    And if you did not roam about the world like the brilliant sun, leading a huge army whose trampling feet cause the globe of the earth to tremble, ।। 3-21-53 ।।

  4. 54

    तदैव सेतवः सर्वे वर्णाश्रमनिबन्धनाः । भगवद्रचिता राजन् भिद्येरन् बत दस्युभिः ।। ३-२१-५४ ।।

    Then all the moral laws governing the varṇas and āśramas created by the Lord Himself would be broken by the rogues and rascals. ।। 3-21-54 ।।

  5. 55

    अधर्मश्च समेधेत लोलुपैर्व्यङ्कुशैर्नृभिः । शयाने त्वयि लोकोऽयं दस्युग्रस्तो विनङ्क्ष्यति ।। ३-२१-५५ ।।

    If you gave up all thought of the world’s situation, unrighteousness would flourish, for men who hanker only after money would be unopposed. Such miscreants would attack, and the world would perish. ।। 3-21-55 ।।