1. 26

    स आहतो विश्वजिता ह्यवज्ञया परिभ्रमद्गात्र उदस्तलोचनः । विशीर्णबाह्वङ्घ्रिशिरोरुहोऽपतद्यथा नगेन्द्रो लुलितो नभस्वता ।। ३-१९-२६ ।।

    Though struck indifferently by the Lord, the conqueror of all, the demon’s body began to wheel. His eyeballs bulged out of their sockets. His arms and legs broken and the hair on his head scattered, he fell down dead, like a gigantic tree uprooted by the wind. ।। 3-19-26 ।।

  2. 27

    क्षितौ शयानं तमकुण्ठवर्चसं करालदंष्ट्रं परिदष्टदच्छदम् । अजादयो वीक्ष्य शशंसुरागता अहो इमं को नु लभेत संस्थितिम् ।। ३-१९-२७ ।।

    Aja [Brahmā] and others arrived on the spot to see the fearfully tusked demon lying on the ground, biting his lip. The glow of his face was yet unfaded, and Brahmā admiringly said: Oh, who could meet such blessed death? ।। 3-19-27 ।।

  3. 28

    यं योगिनो योगसमाधिना रहो ध्यायन्ति लिङ्गादसतो मुमुक्षया । तस्यैष दैत्यऋषभः पदाहतो मुखं प्रपश्यंस्तनुमुत्ससर्ज ह ।। ३-१९-२८ ।।

    Brahmā continued: He was struck by a forefoot of the Lord, whom yogīs, seeking freedom from their unreal material bodies, meditate upon in seclusion in mystic trance. While gazing on His countenance, this crest jewel of Diti’s sons has cast off his mortal coil. ।। 3-19-28 ।।

  4. 29

    एतौ तौ पार्षदावस्य शापाद्यातावसद्गतिम् । पुनः कतिपयैः स्थानं प्रपत्स्येते ह जन्मभिः ।। ३-१९-२९ ।।

    These two personal assistants of the Supreme Lord, having been cursed, have been destined to take birth in demoniac families. After a few such births, they will return to their own positions. ।। 3-19-29 ।।

  5. 30

    देवा ऊचुः नमो नमस्तेऽखिलयज्ञतन्तवे स्थितौ गृहीतामलसत्त्वमूर्तये । दिष्ट्या हतोऽयं जगतामरुन्तुदः त्वत्पादभक्त्या वयमीश निर्वृताः ।। ३-१९-३० ।।

    The demigods addressed the Lord: All obeisances unto You! You are the enjoyer of all sacrifices, and You have assumed the form of a boar, in pure goodness, for the purpose of maintaining the world. Fortunately for us, this demon, who was a torment to the worlds, has been slain by You, and we too, O Lord, are now at ease, in devotion to Your lotus feet. ।। 3-19-30 ।।