1. 26

    एषा घोरतमा सन्ध्या लोकच्छम्बट्करी प्रभो । उपसर्पति सर्वात्मन् सुराणां जयमावह ।। ३-१८-२६ ।।

    My Lord, the darkest evening, which covers the world, is fast approaching. Since You are the Soul of all souls, kindly kill him and win victory for the demigods. ।। 3-18-26 ।।

  2. 26

    आगस्कृद्भयकृद्दुष्कृदस्मद्राद्धवरोऽसुरः । अन्वेषन्नप्रतिरथो लोकानटति कण्टकः ।। ३-१८-२३ ।।

    He has become a source of fear by unnecessarily harassing them. Since he has attained a boon from me, he has become a demon, always searching for a proper combatant, wandering all over the universe for this infamous purpose. ।। 3-18-23 ।।

  3. 27

    अधुनैषोऽभिजिन्नाम योगो मौहूर्तिको ह्यगात् । शिवाय नस्त्वं सुहृदामाशु निस्तर दुस्तरम् ।। ३-१८-२७ ।।

    The auspicious period known as abhijit, which is most opportune for victory, commenced at midday and has all but passed; therefore, in the interest of Your friends, please dispose of this formidable foe quickly. ।। 3-18-27 ।।

  4. 28

    दिष्ट्या त्वां विहितं मृत्युमयमासादितः स्वयम् । विक्रम्यैनं मृधे हत्वा लोकानाधेहि शर्मणि ।। ३-१८-२८ ।।

    This demon, luckily for us, has come of his own accord to You, his death ordained by You; therefore, exhibiting Your ways, kill him in the duel and establish the worlds in peace. ।। 3-18-28 ।।