1. 11

    ये ब्राह्मणान् मयि धिया क्षिपतोऽर्चयन्तः तुष्यद्धृदः स्मितसुधोक्षितपद्मवक्त्राः । वाण्यानुरागकलयाऽऽत्मजवद्गृणन्तः सम्बोधयन्त्यहमिवाहमुपाहृतस्तैः ।। ३-१६-११ ।।

    On the other hand, they captivate My heart who are gladdened in heart and who, their lotus faces enlightened by nectarean smiles, respect the brāhmaṇas, even though the brāhmaṇas utter harsh words. They look upon the brāhmaṇas as My own Self and pacify them by praising them in loving words, even as a son would appease an angry father or as I am pacifying you. ।। 3-16-11 ।।

  2. 12

    तन्मे स्वभर्तुरवसायमलक्षमाणौ युष्मद्व्यतिक्रमगतिं प्रतिपद्य सद्यः । भूयो ममान्तिकमितां तदनुग्रहो मे यत्कल्पतामचिरतो भृतयोर्विवासः ।। ३-१६-१२ ।।

    These servants of Mine have transgressed against you, not knowing the mind of their master. I shall therefore deem it a favor done to Me if you order that, although reaping the fruit of their transgression, they may return to My presence soon and the time of their exile from My abode may expire before long. ।। 3-16-12 ।।

  3. 13

    ब्रह्मोवाच अथ तस्योशतीं देवीमृषिकुल्यां सरस्वतीम् । नास्वाद्य मन्युदष्टानां तेषामात्माप्यतृप्यत ।। ३-१६-१३ ।।

    Brahmā continued: Even though the sages had been bitten by the serpent of anger, their souls were not satiated with hearing the Lord’s lovely and illuminating speech, which was like a series of Vedic hymns. ।। 3-16-13 ।।

  4. 14

    सतीं व्यादाय श‍ृण्वन्तो लघ्वीं गुर्वर्थगह्वराम् । विगाह्यागाधगम्भीरां न विदुस्तच्चिकीर्षितम् ।। ३-१६-१४ ।।

    The Lord’s excellent speech was difficult to comprehend because of its momentous import and its most profound significance. The sages heard it with wide-open ears and pondered it as well. But although hearing, they could not understand what He intended to do. ।। 3-16-14 ।।

  5. 15

    ते योगमाययाऽऽरब्धपारमेष्ठ्यमहोदयम् । प्रोचुः प्राञ्जलयो विप्राः प्रहृष्टाः क्षुभितत्वचः ।। ३-१६-१५

    The four brāhmaṇa sages were nevertheless extremely delighted to behold Him, and they experienced a thrill throughout their bodies. They then spoke as follows to the Lord, who had revealed the multiglories of the Supreme Personality through His internal potency, yoga-māyā. ।। 3-16-15 ।।