1. 46

    मैत्रेय उवाच इत्युपस्थीयमानस्तैः मुनिभिर्ब्रह्मवादिभिः । सलिले स्वखुराक्रान्त उपाधत्तावितावनिम् ।। ३-१३-४६ ।।

    The sage Maitreya said: The Lord, being thus worshiped by all the great sages and transcendentalists, touched the earth with His hooves and placed it on the water. ।। 3-13-46 ।।

  2. 47

    स इत्थं भगवानुर्वीं विष्वक्सेनः प्रजापतिः । रसाया लीलयोन्नीतामप्सु न्यस्य ययौ हरिः ।। ३-१३-४७ ।।

    In this manner the Personality of Godhead, Lord Viṣṇu, the maintainer of all living entities, raised the earth from within the water, and having placed it afloat on the water, He returned to His own abode. ।। 3-13-47 ।।

  3. 48

    य एवमेतां हरिमेधसो हरेः कथां सुभद्रां कथनीयमायिनः । श‍ृण्वीत भक्त्या श्रवयेत वोशतीं जनार्दनोऽस्याशु हृदि प्रसीदति ।। ३-१३-४८ ।।

    If one hears and describes in a devotional service attitude this auspicious narration of Lord Boar, which is worthy of description, the Lord, who is within the heart of everyone, is very pleased. ।। 3-13-48 ।।

  4. 49

    तस्मिन् प्रसन्ने सकलाशिषां प्रभौ किं दुर्लभं ताभिरलं लवात्मभिः । अनन्यदृष्ट्या भजतां गुहाशयः स्वयं विधत्ते स्वगतिं परः पराम् ।। ३-१३-४९ ।।

    Nothing remains unachieved when the Supreme Personality of Godhead is pleased with someone. By transcendental achievement one understands everything else to be insignificant. One who engages in transcendental loving service is elevated to the highest perfectional stage by the Lord Himself, who is seated in everyone’s heart. ।। 3-13-49 ।।

  5. 50

    को नाम लोके पुरुषार्थसारवित् पुरा कथानां भगवत्कथासुधाम् । आपीय कर्णाञ्जलिभिर्भवापहामहो विरज्येत विना नरेतरम् ।। ३-१३-५० ।।

    Who, other than one who is not a human being, can exist in this world and not be interested in the ultimate goal of life? Who can refuse the nectar of narrations about the Personality of Godhead’s activities, which by itself can deliver one from all material pangs? ।। 3-13-50 ।।