1. 36

    स्रक्तुण्ड आसीत्स्रुव ईश नासयोरिडोदरेचमसाः कर्णरन्ध्रे । प्राशित्रमास्ये ग्रसने ग्रहास्तु ते यच्चर्वणं ते भगवन्नग्निहोत्रम् ।। ३-१३-३६ ।।

    O Lord, Your tongue is a plate of sacrifice, Your nostril is another plate of sacrifice, in Your belly is the eating plate of sacrifice, and another plate of sacrifice is the holes of Your ears. In Your mouth is the Brahmā plate of sacrifice, Your throat is the plate of sacrifice known as soma, and whatever You chew is known as agni-hotra. ।। 3-13-36 ।।

  2. 37

    दीक्षानुजन्मोपसदः शिरोधरं त्वं प्रायणीयोदयनीयदंष्ट्रः । जिह्वा प्रवर्ग्यस्तव शीर्षकं क्रतोः सभ्यावसथ्यं चितयोऽसवो हि ते ।। ३-१३-३७ ।।

    Moreover, O Lord, the repetition of Your appearance is the desire for all kinds of initiation. Your neck is the place for three desires, and Your tusks are the result of initiation and the end of all desires. Your tongue is the prior activities of initiation, Your head is the fire without sacrifice as well as the fire of worship, and Your living forces are the aggregate of all desires. ।। 3-13-37 ।।

  3. 38

    सोमस्तु रेतः सवनान्यवस्थितिः संस्था विभेदास्तव देव धातवः । सत्राणि सर्वाणि शरीरसन्धिस्त्वं सर्वयज्ञक्रतुरिष्टिबन्धनः ।। ३-१३-३८ ।।

    O Lord, Your semen is the sacrifice called soma-yajña. Your growth is the ritualistic performances of the morning. Your skin and touch sensations are the seven elements of the agniṣṭoma sacrifice. Your bodily joints are symbols of various other sacrifices performed in twelve days. Therefore You are the object of all sacrifices called soma and asoma, and You are bound by yajñas only. ।। 3-13-38 ।।

  4. 39

    नमो नमस्तेऽखिलमन्त्रदेवताद्रव्याय सर्वक्रतवे क्रियात्मने । वैराग्यभक्त्याऽऽत्मजयानुभावितज्ञानाय विद्यागुरवे नमो नमः ।। ३-१३-३९ ।।

    O Lord, You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead and are worshipable by universal prayers, Vedic hymns and sacrificial ingredients. We offer our obeisances unto You. You can be realized by the pure mind freed from all visible and invisible material contamination. We offer our respectful obeisances to You as the supreme spiritual master of knowledge in devotional service. ।। 3-13-39 ।।

  5. 40

    दंष्ट्राग्रकोट्या भगवंस्त्वया धृता विराजते भूधर भूः सभूधरा । यथा वनान्निःसरतो दता धृता मतङ्गजेन्द्रस्य सपत्रपद्मिनी ।। ३-१३-४० ।।

    O lifter of the earth, the earth with its mountains, which You have lifted with Your tusks, is situated as beautifully as a lotus flower with leaves sustained by an infuriated elephant just coming out of the water. ।। 3-13-40 ।।