1. 26

    तेषां सतां वेदवितानमूर्तिः ब्रह्मावधार्यात्मगुणानुवादम् । विनद्य भूयो विबुधोदयाय गजेन्द्रलीलो जलमाविवेश ।। ३-१३-२६ ।।

    Playing like an elephant, He entered into the water after roaring again in reply to the Vedic prayers by the great devotees. The Lord is the object of the Vedic prayers, and thus He understood that the devotees’ prayers were meant for Him. ।। 3-13-26 ।।

  2. 27

    उत्क्षिप्तवालः खचरः कठोरः सटा विधुन्वन् खररोमशत्वक् । खुराहताभ्रः सितदंष्ट्र ईक्षाज्योतिर्बभासे भगवान् महीध्रः ।। ३-१३-२७ ।।

    Before entering the water to rescue the earth, Lord Boar flew in the sky, slashing His tail, His hard hairs quivering. His very glance was luminous, and He scattered the clouds in the sky with His hooves and His glittering white tusks. ।। 3-13-27 ।।

  3. 28

    घ्राणेन पृथ्व्याः पदवीं विजिघ्रन् क्रोडापदेशः स्वयमध्वराङ्गः । करालदंष्ट्रोऽप्यकरालदृग्भ्यामुद्वीक्ष्य विप्रान् गृणतोऽविशत्कम् ।। ३-१३-२८ ।।

    He was personally the Supreme Lord Viṣṇu and was therefore transcendental, yet because He had the body of a hog, He searched after the earth by smell. His tusks were fearful, and He glanced over the devotee-brāhmaṇas engaged in offering prayers. Thus He entered the water. ।। 3-13-28 ।।

  4. 29

    स वज्रकूटाङ्गनिपातवेगविशीर्णकुक्षिः स्तनयन्नुदन्वान् । उत्सृष्टदीर्घोर्मिभुजैरिवार्तश्चुक्रोश यज्ञेश्वर पाहि मेति ।। ३-१३-२९ ।।

    Diving into the water like a giant mountain, Lord Boar divided the middle of the ocean, and two high waves appeared as the arms of the ocean, which cried loudly as if praying to the Lord, “O Lord of all sacrifices, please do not cut me in two! Kindly give me protection!” ।। 3-13-29 ।।

  5. 30

    खुरैः क्षुरप्रैर्दरयंस्तदाप उत्पारपारं त्रिपरू रसायाम् । ददर्श गां तत्र सुषुप्सुरग्रे यां जीवधानीं स्वयमभ्यधत्त ।। ३-१३-३० ।।

    Lord Boar penetrated the water with His hooves, which were like sharp arrows, and found the limits of the ocean, although it was unlimited. He saw the earth, the resting place for all living beings, lying as it was in the beginning of creation, and He personally lifted it. ।। 3-13-30 ।।