1. 41

    सौम्यानुशोचे तमधःपतन्तं भ्रात्रे परेताय विदुद्रुहे यः । निर्यापितो येन सुहृत्स्वपुर्या अहं स्वपुत्रान्समनुव्रतेन ।। ३-१-४१ ।।

    O gentle one, I simply lament for him [Dhṛtarāṣṭra] who rebelled against his brother after death. By him I was driven out of my own house, although I am his sincere well-wisher, because he accepted the line of action adopted by his own sons. ।। 3-1-41 ।।

  2. 42

    सोऽहं हरेर्मर्त्यविडम्बनेन दृशो नृणां चालयतो विधातुः । नान्योपलक्ष्यः पदवीं प्रसादाच्चरामि पश्यन् गतविस्मयोऽत्र ।। ३-१-४२ ।।

    I am not astonished at this, having traveled over the world without being seen by others. The activities of the Personality of Godhead, which are like those of a man in this mortal world, are bewildering to others, but I know of His greatness by His grace, and thus I am happy in all respects. ।। 3-1-42 ।।

  3. 43

    नूनं नृपाणां त्रिमदोत्पथानां महीं मुहुश्चालयतां चमूभिः । वधात्प्रपन्नार्तिजिहीर्षयेशोऽप्युपैक्षताघं भगवान्कुरूणाम् ।। ३-१-४३ ।।

    Despite His being the Lord and being always willing to relieve the distress of sufferers, He [Kṛṣṇa] refrained from killing the Kurus, although they committed all sorts of sins and although He saw other kings constantly agitating the earth by their strong military movements carried out under the dictation of three kinds of false pride. ।। 3-1-43 ।।

  4. 44

    अजस्य जन्मोत्पथनाशनाय कर्माण्यकर्तुर्ग्रहणाय पुंसाम् । नन्वन्यथा कोऽर्हति देहयोगं परो गुणानामुत कर्मतन्त्रम् ।। ३-१-४४ ।।

    The appearance of the Lord is manifested for the annihilation of the upstarts. His activities are transcendental and are enacted for the understanding of all persons. Otherwise, since the Lord is transcendental to all material modes, what purpose could He serve by coming to earth? ।। 3-1-44 ।।

  5. 45

    तस्य प्रपन्नाखिललोकपानामवस्थितानामनुशासने स्वे । अर्थाय जातस्य यदुष्वजस्य वार्तां सखे कीर्तय तीर्थकीर्तेः ।। ३-१-४५ ।।

    O my friend, please, therefore, chant the glories of the Lord, who is meant to be glorified in the places of pilgrimage. He is unborn, and yet He appears by His causeless mercy upon the surrendered rulers of all parts of the universe. Only for their interest did He appear in the family of His unalloyed devotees the Yadus. ।। 3-1-45 ।।