1. 41

    ऋषे विदन्ति मुनयः प्रशान्तात्मेन्द्रियाशयाः । यदा तदेवासत्तर्कैस्तिरोधीयेत विप्लुतम् ।। २-६-४१ ।।

    O Nārada, O great sage, the great thinkers can know Him when completely freed from all material hankerings and when sheltered under undisturbed conditions of the senses. Otherwise, by untenable arguments, all is distorted, and the Lord disappears from our sight. ।। 2-6-41 ।।

  2. 42

    आद्योऽवतारः पुरुषः परस्य कालः स्वभावः सदसन्मनश्च । द्रव्यं विकारो गुण इन्द्रियाणि विराट् स्वराट् स्थास्नु चरिष्णु भूम्नः ।। २-६-४२ ।।

    Kāraṇārṇavaśāyī Viṣṇu is the first incarnation of the Supreme Lord, and He is the master of eternal time, space, cause and effects, mind, the elements, the material ego, the modes of nature, the senses, the universal form of the Lord, Garbhodakaśāyī Viṣṇu, and the sum total of all living beings, both moving and nonmoving. ।। 2-6-42 ।।

  3. 43

    अहं भवो यज्ञ इमे प्रजेशा दक्षादयो ये भवदादयश्च । स्वर्लोकपालाः खगलोकपाला नृलोकपालास्तललोकपालाः ।। २-६-४३ ।।

    I myself [Brahmā], Lord Śiva, Lord Viṣṇu, great generators of living beings like Dakṣa and Prajāpati, yourselves [Nārada and the Kumāras], heavenly demigods like Indra and Candra, the leaders of the Bhūrloka planets, the leaders of the earthly planets, the leaders of the lower planets ।। 2-6-43 ।।

  4. 44

    गन्धर्वविद्याधरचारणेशा ये यक्षरक्षोरगनागनाथाः । ये वा ऋषीणामृषभाः पितॄणां दैत्येन्द्रसिद्धेश्वरदानवेन्द्राः । अन्ये च ये प्रेतपिशाचभूतकूष्माण्डयादोमृगपक्ष्यधीशाः ।। २-६-४४ ।।

    the leaders of the Gandharva planets, the leaders of the Vidyādhara planets, the leaders of the Cāraṇaloka planets, the leaders of the Yakṣas, Rakṣas and Uragas, the great sages, the great demons, the great atheists and the great spacemen, as well as the dead bodies, evil spirits, satans, jinn, kūṣmāṇḍas, great aquatics, great beasts and great birds, etc. ।। 2-6-44 ।।

  5. 45

    यत्किञ्च लोके भगवन् महस्वदोजःसहस्वद्बलवत्क्षमावत् । श्रीह्रीविभूत्यात्मवदद्भुतार्णं तत्त्वं परं रूपवदस्वरूपम् ।। २-६-४५ ।।

    in other words, anything and everything which is exceptionally possessed of power, opulence, mental and perceptual dexterity, strength, forgiveness, beauty, modesty, opulence, and breeding, whether in form or formless — may appear to be the specific truth and the form of the Lord, but actually they are not so. They are only a fragment of the transcendental potency of the Lord. ।। 2-6-45 ।।