1. 11

    अव्यक्तरससिन्धूनां भूतानां निधनस्य च । उदरं विदितं पुंसो हृदयं मनसः पदम् ‌।। २-६-११ ।।

    The impersonal feature of the Lord is the abode of great oceans, and His belly is the resting place for the materially annihilated living entities. His heart is the abode of the subtle material bodies of living beings. Thus it is known by the intelligent class of men. ।। 2-6-11 ।।

  2. 12

    धर्मस्य मम तुभ्यं च कुमाराणां भवस्य च । विज्ञानस्य च सत्त्वस्य परस्यात्मा परायणम् ।। २-६-१२ ।।

    Also, the consciousness of that great personality is the abode of religious principles — mine, yours, and those of the four bachelors Sanaka, Sanātana, Sanat-kumāra and Sanandana. That consciousness is also the abode of truth and transcendental knowledge. ।। 2-6-12 ।।

  3. 13

    अहं भवान् भवश्चैव त इमे मुनयोऽग्रजा: । सुरासुरनरा नागा: खगा मृगसरीसृपा: ।। २-६-१३ ।।

    Beginning from me [Brahmā] down to you and Bhava [Śiva], all the great sages who were born before you, the demigods, the demons, the Nāgas, the human beings, the birds, the beasts, as well as the reptiles, etc., ।। 2-6-13 ।।

  4. 14

    गन्धर्वाप्सरसो यक्षा रक्षोभूतगणोरगाः । पशवः पितरः सिद्धा विद्याध्राश्चारणा द्रुमाः ।। २-६-१४ ।।

    namely the Gandharvas, Apsarās, Yakṣas, Rakṣas, Bhūtagaṇas, Uragas, Paśus, Pitās, Siddhas, Vidyādharas, Cāraṇas, and all other different varieties of living entities, including the birds, beasts, trees ।। 2-6-14 ।।

  5. 15

    अन्ये च विविधा जीवा जलस्थलनभौकसः । ग्रहर्क्षकेतवस्तारास्तडितः स्तनयित्नवः ।। २-६-१५ ।।

    and all phenomenal manifestations of the universes, namely the planets, stars, asteroids, luminaries, lightning, thunder, and the inhabitants of the different planetary systems, ।। 2-6-15 ।।