1. 6

    भूय एव विवित्सामि भगवानात्ममायया । यथेदं सृजते विश्वं दुर्विभाव्यमधीश्वरैः ।। २-४-६ ।।

    I beg to know from you how the Personality of Godhead, by His personal energies, creates these phenomenal universes as they are, which are inconceivable even to the great demigods. ।। 2-4-6 ।।

  2. 7

    यथा गोपायति विभुर्यथा संयच्छते पुनः । यां यां शक्तिमुपाश्रित्य पुरुशक्तिः परः पुमान् । आत्मानं क्रीडयन् क्रीडन् करोति विकरोति च ।। २-४-७ ।।

    Kindly describe how the Supreme Lord, who is all-powerful, engages His different energies and different expansions in maintaining and again winding up the phenomenal world in the sporting spirit of a player. ।। 2-4-7 ।।

  3. 8

    नूनं भगवतो ब्रह्मन् हरेरद्भुतकर्मणः । दुर्विभाव्यमिवाभाति कविभिश्चापि चेष्टितम् ।। २-४-८ ।।

    O learned brāhmaṇa, the transcendental activities of the Lord are all wonderful, and they appear inconceivable because even great endeavors by many learned scholars have still proved insufficient for understanding them. ।। 2-4-8 ।।

  4. 9

    यथा गुणांस्तु प्रकृतेर्युगपत्क्रमशोऽपि वा । बिभर्ति भूरिशस्त्वेकः कुर्वन् कर्माणि जन्मभिः ।। २-४-९ ।।

    The Supreme Personality of Godhead is one, whether He alone acts with the modes of material nature, or simultaneously expands in many forms, or expands consecutively to direct the modes of nature. ।। 2-4-9 ।।

  5. 10

    विचिकित्सितमेतन्मे ब्रवीतु भगवान् यथा । शाब्दे ब्रह्मणि निष्णातः परस्मिंश्च भवान् खलु ।। २-४-१० ।।

    Kindly clear up all these doubtful inquiries, because you are not only vastly learned in the Vedic literatures and self-realized in transcendence, but are also a great devotee of the Lord and are therefore as good as the Personality of Godhead. ।। 2-4-10 ।।