1. 6

    एवं स्वचित्ते स्वत एव सिद्ध आत्मा प्रियोऽर्थो भगवाननन्तः । तं निर्वृतो नियतार्थो भजेत संसारहेतूपरमश्च यत्र ।। २-२-६ ।।

    Thus being fixed, one must render service unto the Supersoul situated in one’s own heart by His omnipotency. Because He is the Almighty Personality of Godhead, eternal and unlimited, He is the ultimate goal of life, and by worshiping Him one can end the cause of the conditioned state of existence. ।। 2-2-6 ।।

  2. 7

    कस्तां त्वनादृत्य परानुचिन्तामृते पशूनसतीं नाम युञ्ज्यात् । पश्यन् जनं पतितं वैतरण्यां स्वकर्मजान् परितापाञ्जुषाणम् ।। २-२-७ ।।

    Who else but the gross materialists will neglect such transcendental thought and take to the nonpermanent names only, seeing the mass of people fallen in the river of suffering as the consequence of accruing the result of their own work? ।। 2-2-7 ।।

  3. 8

    केचित्स्वदेहान्तर्हृदयावकाशे प्रादेशमात्रं पुरुषं वसन्तम् । चतुर्भुजं कञ्जरथाङ्गशङ्खगदाधरं धारणया स्मरन्ति ।। २-२-८ ।।

    Others conceive of the Personality of Godhead residing within the body in the region of the heart and measuring only eight inches, with four hands carrying a lotus, a wheel of a chariot, a conchshell and a club respectively. ।। 2-2-8 ।।

  4. 9

    प्रसन्नवक्त्रं नलिनायतेक्षणं कदम्बकिञ्जल्कपिशङ्गवाससम् । लसन्महारत्नहिरण्मयाङ्गदं स्फुरन्महारत्नकिरीटकुण्डलम् ।। २-२-९ ।।

    His mouth expresses His happiness. His eyes spread like the petals of a lotus, and His garments, yellowish like the saffron of a kadamba flower, are bedecked with valuable jewels. His ornaments are all made of gold, set with jewels, and He wears a glowing headdress and earrings.।। 2-2-9 ।।

  5. 10

    उन्निद्रहृत्पङ्कजकर्णिकालये योगेश्वरास्थापितपादपल्लवम् । श्रीलक्ष्मणं कौस्तुभरत्नकन्धरमम्लानलक्ष्म्या वनमालयाऽऽचितम् ।। २-२-१० ।।

    His lotus feet are placed over the whorls of the lotuslike hearts of great mystics. On His chest is the Kaustubha jewel, engraved with a beautiful calf, and there are other jewels on His shoulders. His complete torso is garlanded with fresh flowers. ।। 2-2-10 ।।