1. 16

    मनः स्वबुध्यामलया नियम्य क्षेत्रज्ञ एतां निनयेत्तमात्मनि । आत्मानमात्मन्यवरुध्य धीरो लब्धोपशान्तिर्विरमेत कृत्यात् ।। २-२-१६ ।।

    Thereafter, the yogī should merge his mind, by his unalloyed intelligence, into the living entity, and then merge the living entity into the Superself. And by doing this, the fully satisfied living entity becomes situated in the supreme stage of satisfaction, so that he ceases from all other activities. ।। 2-2-16 ।।

  2. 17

    न यत्र कालोऽनिमिषां परः प्रभुः कुतो नु देवा जगतां य ईशिरे । न यत्र सत्त्वं न रजस्तमश्च न वै विकारो न महान् प्रधानम् ।। २-२-१७ ।।

    In that transcendental state of labdhopaśānti, there is no supremacy of devastating time, which controls even the celestial demigods who are empowered to rule over mundane creatures. (And what to speak of the demigods themselves?) Nor is there the mode of material goodness, nor passion, nor ignorance, nor even the false ego, nor the material Causal Ocean, nor the material nature. ।। 2-2-17 ।।

  3. 18

    परं पदं वैष्णवमामनन्ति तद्यन्नेति नेतीत्यतदुत्सिसृक्षवः । विसृज्य दौरात्म्यमनन्यसौहृदा हृदोपगुह्यार्हपदं पदे पदे ।। २-२-१८ ।।

    The transcendentalists desire to avoid everything godless, for they know that supreme situation in which everything is related with the Supreme Lord Viṣṇu. Therefore a pure devotee who is in absolute harmony with the Lord does not create perplexities, but worships the lotus feet of the Lord at every moment, taking them into his heart. ।। 2-2-18 ।।

  4. 19

    इत्थं मुनिस्तूपरमेद्व्यवस्थितो विज्ञानदृग्वीर्यसुरन्धिताशयः । स्वपार्ष्णिनाऽऽपीड्य गुदं ततोऽनिलं स्थानेषु षट्सून्नमयेज्जितक्लमः ।। २-२-१९ ।।

    By the strength of scientific knowledge, one should be well situated in absolute realization and thus be able to extinguish all material desires. One should then give up the material body by blocking the air hole [through which stool is evacuated] with the heel of one’s foot and by lifting the life air from one place to another in the six primary places. ।। 2-2-19 ।।

  5. 20

    नाभ्यां स्थितं हृद्यधिरोप्यतस्मादुदानगत्योरसि तं नयेन्मुनिः । ततोऽनुसन्धाय धिया मनस्वी स्वतालुमूलं शनकैर्नयेत ।। २-२-२० ।।

    The meditative devotee should slowly push up the life air from the navel to the heart, from there to the chest, and from there to the root of the palate. He should search out the proper places with intelligence. ।। 2-2-20 ।।