1. 6

    सोऽपश्यत्तत्र महतीं कन्यां वीरमनोहराम् । प्रीत्युत्फुल्लेक्षणस्तस्यां भावक्षुब्धं मनो दधे ।। १०-८६-६ ।।

    There he saw the wonderful maiden Subhadrā, who was enchanting to heroes. His eyes opened wide with delight, and his mind became agitated and absorbed in thoughts of her. ।। 10-86-6 ।।

  2. 7

    सापि तं चकमे वीक्ष्य नारीणां हृदयङ्गमम् । हसन्ती व्रीडितापाङ्गी तन्न्यस्तहृदयेक्षणा ।। १०-८६-७ ।।

    Arjuna was very attractive to women, and as soon as Subhadrā saw him, she wanted to have him as her husband. Smiling bashfully with sidelong glances, she fixed her heart and eyes upon him. ।। 10-86-7 ।।

  3. 8

    तां परं समनुध्यायन्नन्तरं प्रेप्सुरर्जुनः । न लेभे शं भ्रमच्चित्तः कामेनातिबलीयसा ।। १०-८६-८ ।।

    Meditating only on her and waiting for the opportunity to take her away, Arjuna had no peace. His heart trembled with passionate desire. ।। 10-86-8 ।।

  4. 9

    महत्यां देवयात्रायां रथस्थां दुर्गनिर्गताम् । जहारानुमतः पित्रोः कृष्णस्य च महारथः ।। १०-८६-९ ।।

    Once, on the occasion of a great temple festival in honor of the Supreme Lord, Subhadrā rode out of the fortresslike palace on a chariot, and at that time the mighty chariot warrior Arjuna took the opportunity to kidnap her. Subhadrā’s parents and Kṛṣṇa had sanctioned this. ।। 10-86-9 ।।

  5. 10

    रथस्थो धनुरादाय शूरांश्चारुन्धतो भटान् । विद्राव्य क्रोशतां स्वानां स्वभागं मृगराडिव ।। १०-८६-१० ।।

    Standing on his chariot, Arjuna took up his bow and drove off the valiant fighters and palace guards who tried to block his way. As her relatives shouted in anger, he took Subhadrā away just as a lion takes his prey from the midst of lesser animals. ।। 10-86-10 ।।