1. 36

    दिनानि कतिचिद्भूमन् गृहान् नो निवस द्विजैः । समेतः पादरजसा पुनीहीदं निमेः कुलम् ।। १०-८६-३६ ।।

    Please stay a few days in our house, along with these brāhmaṇas, O all-pervading one, and with the dust of Your feet sanctify this dynasty of Nimi. ।। 10-86-36 ।।

  2. 37

    इत्युपामन्त्रितो राज्ञा भगवांल्लोकभावनः । उवास कुर्वन् कल्याणं मिथिलानरयोषिताम् ।। १०-८६-३७ ।।

    [Śukadeva Gosvāmī continued:] Thus invited by the King, the Supreme Lord, sustainer of the world, consented to stay for some time to bestow good fortune on the men and women of Mithilā. ।। 10-86-37 ।।

  3. 38

    श्रुतदेवोऽच्युतं प्राप्तं स्वगृहाञ्जनको यथा । नत्वा मुनीन् सुसंहृष्टो धुन्वन् वासो ननर्त ह ।। १०-८६-३८ ।।

    Śrutadeva received Lord Acyuta into his home with as much enthusiasm as that shown by King Bahulāśva. After bowing down to the Lord and the sages, Śrutadeva began to dance with great joy, waving his shawl. ।। 10-86-38 ।।

  4. 39

    तृणपीठबृषीष्वेतानानीतेषूपवेश्य सः । स्वागतेनाभिनन्द्याङ्घ्रीन् सभार्योऽवनिजे मुदा ।। १०-८६-३९ ।।

    After bringing mats of grass and darbha straw and seating his guests upon them, he greeted them with words of welcome. Then he and his wife washed their feet with great pleasure. ।। 10-86-39 ।।

  5. 40

    तदम्भसा महाभाग आत्मानं स गृहान्वयम् । स्नापयाञ्चक्र उद्धर्षो लब्धसर्वमनोरथः ।। १०-८६-४० ।।

    With the wash water, the virtuous Śrutadeva copiously sprinkled himself, his house and his family. Overjoyed, he felt that all his desires had now been fulfilled. ।। 10-86-40 ।।