1. 51

    ईजेऽनुयज्ञं विधिना अग्निहोत्रादिलक्षणैः । प्राकृतैर्वैकृतैर्यज्ञैर्द्रव्यज्ञानक्रियेश्वरम् ।। १०-८४-५१ ।।

    Performing various kinds of Vedic sacrifice according to the proper regulations, Vasudeva worshiped the Lord of all sacrificial paraphernalia, mantras and rituals. He executed both primary and secondary sacrifices, offering oblations to the sacred fire and carrying out other aspects of sacrificial worship. ।। 10-84-51 ।।

  2. 52

    अथर्त्विग्भ्योऽददात्काले यथाम्नातं स दक्षिणाः । स्वलङ्कृतेभ्योऽलङ्कृत्य गोभूकन्या महाधनाः ।। १०-८४-५२ ।।

    Then, at the appropriate time and according to scripture, Vasudeva remunerated the priests by decorating them with precious ornaments, though they were already richly adorned, and offering them valuable gifts of cows, land and marriageable girls. ।। 10-84-52 ।।

  3. 53

    पत्नीसंयाजावभृथ्यैश्चरित्वा ते महर्षयः । सस्नू रामह्रदे विप्रा यजमानपुरःसराः ।। १०-८४-५३ ।।

    After supervising the patnī-saṁyāja and avabhṛthya rituals, the great brāhmaṇa sages bathed in Lord Paraśurāma’s lake with the sponsor of the sacrifice, Vasudeva, who led them. ।। 10-84-53 ।।

  4. 54

    स्नातोऽलङ्कारवासांसि वन्दिभ्योऽदात्तथा स्त्रियः । ततः स्वलङ्कृतो वर्णानाश्वभ्योऽन्नेन पूजयत् ।। १०-८४-५४ ।।

    His sacred bath complete, Vasudeva joined with his wives in giving the jewelry and clothes they had been wearing to the professional reciters. Vasudeva then put on new garments, after which he honored all classes of people by feeding everyone, even the dogs. ।। 10-84-54 ।।

  5. 55

    बन्धून् सदारान् ससुतान् पारिबर्हेण भूयसा । विदर्भकोसलकुरून् काशिकेकयसृञ्जयान् ।। १०-८४-५५ ।।

    With opulent gifts he honored his relatives, including all their wives and children; the royalty of the Vidarbha, Kosala, Kuru, Kāśī, Kekaya and Sṛñjaya kingdoms; ।। 10-84-55 ।।