1. 6

    सोऽपतद्भुवि निर्भिन्नललाटोऽसृक्समुत्सृजन् । मुञ्चन्नार्तस्वरं शैलो यथा वज्रहतोऽरुणः ।। १०-७९-६ ।।

    Balvala cried out in agony and fell to the ground, his forehead cracked open and gushing blood. He resembled a red mountain struck by a lightning bolt. ।। 10-79-6 ।।

  2. 7

    संस्तुत्य मुनयो रामं प्रयुज्यावितथाशिषः । अभ्यषिञ्चन्महाभागा वृत्रघ्नं विबुधा यथा ।। १०-७९-७ ।।

    The exalted sages honored Lord Rāma with sincere prayers and awarded Him infallible blessings. Then they performed His ritual bath, just as the demigods had formally bathed Indra when he killed Vṛtra. ।। 10-79-7 ।।

  3. 8

    वैजयन्तीं ददुर्मालां श्रीधामाम्लानपङ्कजाम् । रामाय वाससी दिव्ये दिव्यान्याभरणानि च ।। १०-७९-८ ।।

    They gave Lord Balarāma a Vaijayantī garland of unfading lotuses in which resided the goddess of fortune, and they also gave Him a set of divine garments and jewelry. ।। 10-79-8 ।।

  4. 9

    अथ तैरभ्यनुज्ञातः कौशिकीमेत्य ब्राह्मणैः । स्नात्वा सरोवरमगाद्यतः सरयुरास्रवत् ।। १०-७९-९ ।।

    Then, given leave by the sages, the Lord went with a contingent of brāhmaṇas to the Kauśikī River, where He bathed. From there He went to the lake from which flows the river Sarayū. ।। 10-79-9 ।।

  5. 10

    अनुस्रोतेन सरयूं प्रयागमुपगम्य सः । स्नात्वा सन्तर्प्य देवादीन् जगाम पुलहाश्रमम् ।। १०-७९-१० ।।

    The Lord followed the course of the Sarayū until He came to Prayāga, where He bathed and then performed rituals to propitiate the demigods and other living beings. Next He went to the āśrama of Pulaha Ṛṣi. ।। 10-79-10 ।।