1. 1

    श्रीशुक उवाच एवं युधिष्ठिरो राजा जरासन्धवधं विभोः । कृष्णस्य चानुभावं तं श्रुत्वा प्रीतस्तमब्रवीत् ।। १०-७४-१ ।।

    Śukadeva Gosvāmī said: Having thus heard of the killing of Jarāsandha, and also of almighty Kṛṣṇa’s wonderful power, King Yudhiṣṭhira addressed the Lord as follows with great pleasure. ।। 10-74-1 ।।

  2. 2

    युधिष्ठिर उवाच ये स्युस्त्रैलोक्यगुरवः सर्वे लोकमहेश्वराः । वहन्ति दुर्लभं लब्ध्वा शिरसैवानुशासनम् ।। १०-७४-२ ।।

    Śrī Yudhiṣṭhira said: All the exalted spiritual masters of the three worlds, together with the inhabitants and rulers of the various planets, carry on their heads Your command, which is rarely obtained. ।। 10-74-2 ।।

  3. 3

    स भवानरविन्दाक्षो दीनानामीशमानिनाम् । धत्तेऽनुशासनं भूमंस्तदत्यन्तविडम्बनम् ।। १०-७४-३ ।।

    That You, the lotus-eyed Supreme Lord, accept the orders of wretched fools who presume themselves rulers is a great pretense on Your part, O all-pervading one. ।। 10-74-3 ।।

  4. 4

    न ह्येकस्याद्वितीयस्य ब्रह्मणः परमात्मनः । कर्मभिर्वर्धते तेजो ह्रसते च यथा रवेः ।। १०-७४-४ ।।

    But of course the power of the Absolute Truth, the Supreme Soul, the primeval one without a second, is neither increased nor diminished by His activities, any more than the sun’s power is by its movements. ।। 10-74-4 ।।

  5. 5

    न वै तेऽजित भक्तानां ममाहमिति माधव । त्वं तवेति च नानाधीः पशूनामिव वैकृता ।। १०-७४-५ ।।

    O unconquerable Mādhava, even Your devotees make no distinctions of “I” and “mine,” “you” and “yours,” for this is the perverted mentality of animals. ।। 10-74-5 ।।