1. 36

    अव्यक्तलिङ्गं प्रकृतिष्वन्तःपुरगृहादिषु । क्वचिच्चरन्तं योगेशं तत्तद्भावबुभुत्सया ।। १०-६९-३६ ।।

    Somewhere Kṛṣṇa, the Lord of mystic power, was moving about in disguise among the homes of ministers and other citizens in order to understand what each of them was thinking. ।। 10-69-36 ।।

  2. 37

    अथोवाच हृषीकेशं नारदः प्रहसन्निव । योगमायोदयं वीक्ष्य मानुषीमीयुषो गतिम् ।। १०-६९-३७ ।।

    Having thus seen this display of the Lord’s Yoga-māyā, Nārada mildly laughed and then addressed Lord Hṛṣīkeśa, who was adopting the behavior of a human being. ।। 10-69-37 ।।

  3. 38

    विदाम योगमायास्ते दुर्दर्शा अपि मायिनाम् । योगेश्वरात्मन् निर्भाता भवत्पादनिषेवया ।। १०-६९-३८ ।।

    [Nārada said:] Now we understand Your mystic potencies, which are difficult to comprehend, even for great mystics, O Supreme Soul, master of all mystic power. Only by serving Your feet have I been able to perceive Your powers. ।। 10-69-38 ।।

  4. 39

    अनुजानीहि मां देव लोकांस्ते यशसाऽऽप्लुतान् । पर्यटामि तवोद्गायन् लीलां भुवनपावनीम् ।। १०-६९-३९ ।।

    O Lord, please give me Your leave. I will wander about the worlds, which are flooded with Your fame, loudly singing about Your pastimes, which purify the universe. ।। 10-69-39 ।।

  5. 40

    श्रीभगवानुवाच ब्रह्मन् धर्मस्य वक्ताहं कर्ता तदनुमोदिता । तच्छिक्षयन् लोकमिममास्थितः पुत्र मा खिदः ।। १०-६९-४० ।।

    The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: O brāhmaṇa, I am the speaker of religion, its performer and sanctioner. I observe religious principles to teach them to the world, My child, so do not be disturbed. ।। 10-69-40 ।।