1. 31

    साधयिष्यति सङ्कल्पमब्रह्मण्ये प्रयोजितः । इत्यादिष्टस्तथा चक्रे कृष्णायाभिचरन् व्रती ।। १०-६६-३१ ।।

    will fulfill your desire if you direct it against someone inimical to the brāhmaṇas.” So instructed, Sudakṣiṇa strictly observed the ritualistic vows and invoked the abhicāra against Lord Kṛṣṇa. ।। 10-66-31 ।।

  2. 32

    ततोऽग्निरुत्थितः कुण्डान्मूर्तिमानतिभीषणः । तप्तताम्रशिखाश्मश्रुरङ्गारोद्गारिलोचनः ।। १०-६६-३२ ।।

    Thereupon the fire rose up out of the altar pit, assuming the form of an extremely fearsome, naked person. The fiery creature’s beard and tuft of hair were like molten copper, and his eyes emitted blazing hot cinders. ।। 10-66-32 ।।

  3. 33

    दंष्ट्रोग्रभ्रुकुटीदण्डकठोरास्यः स्वजिह्वया । आलिहन् सृक्किणी नग्नो विधुन्वंस्त्रिशिखं ज्वलत् ।। १०-६६-३३ ।।

    His face looked most frightful with its fangs and terrible arched and furrowed brows. As he licked the corners of his mouth with his tongue, the demon shook his flaming trident. ।। 10-66-33 ।।

  4. 34

    पद्भ्यां तालप्रमाणाभ्यां कम्पयन्नवनीतलम् । सोऽभ्यधावद्वृतो भूतैर्द्वारकां प्रदहन् दिशः ।। १०-६६-३४ ।।

    On legs as tall as palm trees, the monster raced toward Dvārakā in the company of ghostly spirits, shaking the ground and burning the world in all directions. ।। 10-66-34 ।।

  5. 35

    तमाभिचारदहनमायान्तं द्वारकौकसः । विलोक्य तत्रसुः सर्वे वनदाहे मृगा यथा ।। १०-६६-३५ ।।

    Seeing the approacḥ of the fiery demon created by the abhicāra ritual, the residents of Dvārakā were all struck with fear, like animals terrified by a forest fire. ।। 10-66-35 ।।