1. 36

    रोमाणि यस्यौषधयोऽम्बुवाहाः केशा विरिञ्चो धिषणा विसर्गः । प्रजापतिर्हृदयं यस्य धर्मः स वै भवान् पुरुषो लोककल्पः ।। १०-६३-३६ ।।

    Lord Brahmā Your intelligence, the progenitor of mankind Your genitals, and religion Your heart. You are indeed the original puruṣa, creator of the worlds. ।। 10-63-36 ।।

  2. 37

    तवावतारोऽयमकुण्ठधामन् धर्मस्य गुप्त्यै जगतो भवाय । वयं च सर्वे भवतानुभाविता विभावयामो भुवनानि सप्त ।। १०-६३-३७ ।।

    Your current descent into the material realm, O Lord of unrestricted power, is meant for upholding the principles of justice and benefiting the entire universe. We demigods, each depending on Your grace and authority, develop the seven planetary systems. ।। 10-63-37 ।।

  3. 38

    त्वमेक आद्यः पुरुषोऽद्वितीयस्तुर्यः स्वदृग्घेतुरहेतुरीशः । प्रतीयसेऽथापि यथाविकारं स्वमायया सर्वगुणप्रसिद्ध्यै ।। १०-६३-३८ ।।

    You are the original person, one without a second, transcendental and self-manifesting. Uncaused, you are the cause of all, and You are the ultimate controller. You are nonetheless perceived in terms of the transformations of matter effected by Your illusory energy — transformations You sanction so that the various material qualities can fully manifest. ।। 10-63-38 ।।

  4. 39

    यथैव सूर्यः पिहितश्छायया स्वया छायां च रूपाणि च सञ्चकास्ति । एवं गुणेनापिहितो गुणांस्त्वमात्मप्रदीपो गुणिनश्च भूमन् ।। १०-६३-३९ ।।

    O almighty one, just as the sun, though hidden by a cloud, illuminates the cloud and all other visible forms as well, so You, although hidden by the material qualities, remain self-luminous and thus reveal all those qualities, along with the living entities who possess them. ।। 10-63-39 ।।

  5. 40

    यन्मायामोहितधियः पुत्रदारगृहादिषु । उन्मज्जन्ति निमज्जन्ति प्रसक्ता वृजिनार्णवे ।। १०-६३-४० ।।

    Their intelligence bewildered by Your māyā, fully attached to children, wife, home and so on, persons immersed in the ocean of material misery sometimes rise to the surface and sometimes sink down. ।। 10-63-40 ।।