1. 41

    यद्वाञ्छया नृपशिखामणयोऽङ्ग वैन्यजायन्तनाहुषगयादय ऐकपत्यम् । राज्यं विसृज्य विविशुर्वनमम्बुजाक्ष सीदन्ति तेऽनुपदवीं त इहास्थिताः किम् ।। १०-६०-४१ ।।

    Wanting Your association, the best of kings — Aṅga, Vainya, Jāyanta, Nāhuṣa, Gaya and others — abandoned their absolute sovereignty and entered the forest to seek You out. How could those kings suffer frustration in this world, O lotus-eyed one? ।। 10-60-41 ।।

  2. 42

    कान्यं श्रयेत तव पादसरोजगन्धमाघ्राय सन्मुखरितं जनतापवर्गम् । लक्ष्म्यालयं त्वविगणय्य गुणालयस्य मर्त्या सदोरुभयमर्थविविक्तदृष्टिः ।। १०-६०-४२ ।।

    The aroma of Your lotus feet, which is glorified by great saints, awards people liberation and is the abode of Goddess Lakṣmī. What woman would take shelter of any other man after savoring that aroma? Since You are the abode of transcendental qualities, what mortal woman with the insight to distinguish her own true interest would disregard that fragrance and depend instead on someone who is always subject to terrible fear? ।। 10-60-42 ।।

  3. 43

    तं त्वानुरूपमभजं जगतामधीशमात्मानमत्र च परत्र च कामपूरम् । स्यान्मे तवाङ्घ्रिररणं सृतिभिर्भ्रमन्त्या यो वै भजन्तमुपयात्यनृतापवर्गः ।। १०-६०-४३ ।।

    Because You are suitable for me, I have chosen You, the master and Supreme Soul of all the worlds, who fulfill our desires in this life and the next. May Your feet, which give freedom from illusion by approaching their worshiper, give shelter to me, who have been wandering from one material situation to another. ।। 10-60-43 ।।

  4. 44

    तस्याः स्युरच्युत नृपा भवतोपदिष्टाः स्त्रीणां गृहेषु खरगोश्वबिडालभृत्याः । यत्कर्णमूलमरिकर्षण नोपयायाद्युष्मत्कथा मृडविरिञ्चसभासु गीता ।। १०-६०-४४ ।।

    O infallible Kṛṣṇa, let each of the kings You named become the husband of a woman whose ears have never heard Your glories, which are sung in the assemblies of Śiva and Brahmā. After all, in the households of such women these kings live like asses, oxen, dogs, cats and slaves. ।। 10-60-44 ।।

  5. 45

    त्वक्श्मश्रुरोमनखकेशपिनद्धमन्तर्मांसास्थिरक्तकृमिविट्कफपित्तवातम् । जीवच्छवं भजति कान्तमतिर्विमूढा या ते पदाब्जमकरन्दमजिघ्रती स्त्री ।। १०-६०-४५ ।।

    A woman who fails to relish the fragrance of the honey of Your lotus feet becomes totally befooled, and thus she accepts as her husband or lover a living corpse covered with skin, whiskers, nails, head-hair and body-hair and filled with flesh, bones, blood, parasites, feces, mucus, bile and air. ।। 10-60-45 ।।