1. 26

    सोऽग्निस्तुष्टो धनुरदाद्धयान् श्वेतान् रथं नृप । अर्जुनायाक्षयौ तूणौ वर्म चाभेद्यमस्त्रिभिः ।। १०-५८-२६ ।।

    Being pleased, O King, Lord Agni presented Arjuna with a bow, a set of white horses, a chariot, a pair of inexhaustible quivers, and armor that no fighter could pierce with weapons. ।। 10-58-26 ।।

  2. 27

    मयश्च मोचितो वह्नेः सभां सख्य उपाहरत् । यस्मिन् दुर्योधनस्यासीज्जलस्थलदृशिभ्रमः ।। १०-५८-२७ ।।

    When the demon Maya was saved from the fire by his friend Arjuna, Maya presented him with an assembly hall, in which Duryodhana would later mistake water for a solid floor. ।। 10-58-27 ।।

  3. 28

    स तेन समनुज्ञातः सुहृद्भिश्चानुमोदितः । आययौ द्वारकां भूयः सात्यकिप्रमुखैर्वृतः ।। १०-५८-२८ ।।

    Then Lord Kṛṣṇa, given leave by Arjuna and other well-wishing relatives and friends, returned to Dvārakā with Sātyaki and the rest of His entourage. ।। 10-58-28 ।।

  4. 29

    अथोपयेमे कालिन्दीं सुपुण्यर्त्वर्क्ष ऊर्जिते । वितन्वन् परमानन्दं स्वानां परममङ्गलम् ।। १०-५८-२९ ।।

    The supremely auspicious Lord then married Kālindī on a day when the season, the lunar asterism and the configurations of the sun and other heavenly bodies were all propitious. In this way He brought the greatest pleasure to His devotees. ।। 10-58-29 ।।

  5. 30

    विन्दानुविन्दावावन्त्यौ दुर्योधनवशानुगौ । स्वयंवरे स्वभगिनीं कृष्णे सक्तां न्यषेधताम् ।। १०-५८-३० ।।

    Vindya and Anuvindya, who shared the throne of Avantī, were followers of Duryodhana’s. When the time came for their sister [Mitravindā] to select her husband in the svayaṁvara ceremony, they forbade her to choose Kṛṣṇa, although she was attracted to Him. ।। 10-58-30 ।।