1. 56

    न कामयेऽन्यं तव पादसेवनादकिञ्चनप्रार्थ्यतमाद्वरं विभो । आराध्य कस्त्वां ह्यपवर्गदं हरे वृणीत आर्यो वरमात्मबन्धनम् ।। १०-५१-५६ ।।

    O all-powerful one, I desire no boon other than service to Your lotus feet, the boon most eagerly sought by those free of material desire. O Hari, what enlightened person who worships You, the giver of liberation, would choose a boon that causes his own bondage? ।। 10-51-56 ।।

  2. 57

    तस्माद्विसृज्याशिष ईश सर्वतो रजस्तमःसत्त्वगुणानुबन्धनाः । निरञ्जनं निर्गुणमद्वयं परं त्वां ज्ञप्तिमात्रं पुरुषं व्रजाम्यहम् ।। १०-५१-५७ ।।

    Therefore, O Lord, having put aside all objects of material desire, which are bound to the modes of passion, ignorance and goodness, I am approaching You, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, for shelter. You are not covered by mundane designations; rather, You are the Supreme Absolute Truth, full in pure knowledge and transcendental to the material modes. ।। 10-51-57 ।।

  3. 58

    चिरमिह वृजिनार्तस्तप्यमानोऽनुतापैरवितृषषडमित्रोऽलब्धशान्तिः कथञ्चित् । शरणद समुपेतस्त्वत्पदाब्जं परात्मन् अभयमृतमशोकं पाहि माऽऽपन्नमीश ।। १०-५१-५८ ।।

    For so long I have been pained by troubles in this world and have been burning with lamentation. My six enemies are never satiated, and I can find no peace. Therefore, O giver of shelter, O Supreme Soul, please protect me. O Lord, in the midst of danger I have by good fortune approached Your lotus feet, which are the truth and which thus make one fearless and free of sorrow. ।। 10-51-58 ।।

  4. 59

    श्रीभगवानुवाच सार्वभौम महाराज मतिस्ते विमलोर्जिता । वरैः प्रलोभितस्यापि न कामैर्विहता यतः ।। १०-५१-५९ ।।

    The Supreme Lord said: O emperor, great ruler, your mind is pure and potent. Though I enticed You with benedictions, your mind was not overcome by material desires. ।। 10-51-59 ।।

  5. 60

    प्रलोभितो वरैर्यत्त्वमप्रमादाय विद्धि तत् । न धीरेकान्तभक्तानामाशीर्भिर्भिद्यते क्वचित् ।। १०-५१-६० ।।

    Understand that I enticed you with benedictions just to prove that you would not be deceived. The intelligence of My unalloyed devotees is never diverted by material blessings. ।। 10-51-60 ।।