1. 31

    जग्राह विरथं रामो जरासन्धं महाबलम् । हतानीकावशिष्टासुं सिंहः सिंहमिवौजसा ।। १०-५०-३१ ।।

    Jarāsandha, with his chariot lost and all his soldiers dead, was left with only his breath. At that point Lord Balarāma forcibly seized the powerful warrior, just as one lion takes hold of another. ।। 10-50-31 ।।

  2. 32

    बध्यमानं हतारातिं पाशैर्वारुणमानुषैः । वारयामास गोविन्दस्तेन कार्यचिकीर्षया ।। १०-५०-३२ ।।

    With the divine noose of Varuṇa and other, mortal ropes, Balarāma began tying up Jarāsandha, who had killed so many foes. But Lord Govinda still had a purpose to fulfill through Jarāsandha, and thus He asked Balarāma to stop. ।। 10-50-32 ।।

  3. 33

    स मुक्तो लोकनाथाभ्यां व्रीडितो वीरसम्मतः । तपसे कृतसङ्कल्पो वारितः पथि राजभिः ।। १०-५०-३३ ।।

    Jarāsandha, whom fighters had highly honored, was ashamed after being released by the two Lords of the universe, and thus he decided to undergo penances. On the road, ।। 10-50-33 ।।

  4. 34

    वाक्यैः पवित्रार्थपदैर्नयनैः प्राकृतैरपि । स्वकर्मबन्धप्राप्तोऽयं यदुभिस्ते पराभवः ।। १०-५०-३४ ।।

    however, several kings convinced him with both spiritual wisdom and mundane arguments that he should give up his idea of self-abnegation. They told him, “Your defeat by the Yadus was simply the unavoidable reaction of your past karma.” ।। 10-50-34 ।।

  5. 35

    हतेषु सर्वानीकेषु नृपो बार्हद्रथस्तदा । उपेक्षितो भगवता मगधान् दुर्मना ययौ ।। १०-५०-३५ ।।

    All of his armies having been killed, and himself neglected by the Personality of Godhead, King Jarāsandha, son of Bṛhadratha, then sadly returned to the kingdom of the Magadhas. ।। 10-50-35 ।।