1. 41

    तथातिरभसांस्तांस्तु संयत्तान् रोहिणीसुतः । अहन् परिघमुद्यम्य पशूनिव मृगाधिपः ।। १०-४४-४१ ।।

    As they ran swiftly toward the two Lords, ready to strike, the son of Rohiṇī slew them with His club just as a lion easily kills other animals. ।। 10-44-41 ।।

  2. 42

    नेदुर्दुन्दुभयो व्योम्नि ब्रह्मेशाद्या विभूतयः । पुष्पैः किरन्तस्तं प्रीताः शशंसुर्ननृतुः स्त्रियः ।। १०-४४-४२ ।।

    Kettledrums resounded in the sky as Brahmā, Śiva and other demigods, the Lord’s expansions, rained down flowers upon Him with pleasure. They chanted His praises, and their wives danced. ।। 10-44-42 ।।

  3. 43

    तेषां स्त्रियो महाराज सुहृन्मरणदुःखिताः । तत्राभीयुर्विनिघ्नन्त्यः शीर्षाण्यश्रुविलोचनाः ।। १०-४४-४३ ।।

    My dear King, the wives of Kaṁsa and his brothers, aggrieved by the death of their well-wishing husbands, came forward with tearful eyes, beating their heads. ।। 10-44-43 ।।

  4. 44

    शयानान् वीरशय्यायां पतीनालिङ्ग्य शोचतीः । विलेपुः सुस्वरं नार्यो विसृजन्त्यो मुहुः शुचः ।। १०-४४-४४ ।।

    Embracing their husbands, who lay on a hero’s final bed, the sorrowful women loudly lamented while shedding constant tears. ।। 10-44-44 ।।

  5. 45

    हा नाथ प्रिय धर्मज्ञ करुणानाथवत्सल । त्वया हतेन निहता वयं ते सगृहप्रजाः ।। १०-४४-४५ ।।

    [The women cried out:] Alas, O master, O dear one, O knower of religious principles! O kind and compassionate protector of the shelterless! By your being slain we have also been slain, together with your household and offspring. ।। 10-44-45 ।।