1. 11

    एवं स्त्रिया याच्यमानः कृष्णो रामस्य पश्यतः । मुखं वीक्ष्यानुगानां च प्रहसंस्तामुवाच ह ।। १०-४२-११ ।।

    Thus entreated by the woman, Lord Kṛṣṇa first glanced at the face of Balarāma, who was watching the incident, and then at the faces of the cowherd boys. Then with a laugh Kṛṣṇa replied to her as follows. ।। 10-42-11 ।।

  2. 12

    एष्यामि ते गृहं सुभ्रूः पुंसामाधिविकर्शनम् । साधितार्थोऽगृहाणां नः पान्थानां त्वं परायणम् ।। १०-४२-१२ ।।

    [Lord Kṛṣṇa said:] O lady with beautiful eyebrows, as soon as I fulfill My purpose I will certainly visit your house, where men can relieve their anxiety. Indeed, you are the best refuge for Us homeless travelers. ।। 10-42-12 ।।

  3. 13

    विसृज्य माध्व्या वाण्या तां व्रजन् मार्गे वणिक्पथैः । नानोपायनताम्बूलस्रग्गन्धैः साग्रजोऽर्चितः ।। १०-४२-१३ ।।

    Leaving her with these sweet words, Lord Kṛṣṇa walked further down the road. The merchants along the way worshiped Him and His elder brother by presenting Them with various respectful offerings, including pān, garlands and fragrant substances. ।। 10-42-13 ।।

  4. 14

    तद्दर्शनस्मरक्षोभादात्मानं नाविदन् स्त्रियः । विस्रस्तवासःकबरवलयालेख्यमूर्तयः ।। १०-४२-१४ ।।

    The sight of Kṛṣṇa aroused Cupid in the hearts of the city women. Thus agitated, they forgot themselves. Their clothes, braids and bangles became disheveled, and they stood as still as figures in a painting. ।। 10-42-14 ।।

  5. 15

    ततः पौरान् पृच्छमानो धनुषः स्थानमच्युतः । तस्मिन् प्रविष्टो ददृशे धनुरैन्द्रमिवाद्भुतम् ।। १०-४२-१५ ।।

    Lord Kṛṣṇa then asked the local people where the arena was in which the bow sacrifice would take place. When He went there He saw the amazing bow, which resembled Lord Indra’s. ।। 10-42-15 ।।