1. 31

    नैतत्समाचरेज्जातु मनसापि ह्यनीश्वरः । विनश्यत्याचरन् मौढ्याद्यथा रुद्रोऽब्धिजं विषम् ।। १०-३३-३१ ।।

    One who is not a great controller should never imitate the behavior of ruling personalities, even mentally. If out of foolishness an ordinary person does imitate such behavior, he will simply destroy himself, just as a person who is not Rudra would destroy himself if he tried to drink an ocean of poison. ।। 10-33-31 ।।

  2. 32

    ईश्वराणां वचः सत्यं तथैवाचरितं क्वचित् । तेषां यत्स्ववचोयुक्तं बुद्धिमांस्तत्समाचरेत् ।। १०-३३-३२ ।।

    The statements of the Lord’s empowered servants are always true, and the acts they perform are exemplary when consistent with those statements. Therefore one who is intelligent should carry out their instructions. ।। 10-33-32 ।।

  3. 33

    कुशलाचरितेनैषामिह स्वार्थो न विद्यते । विपर्ययेण वानर्थो निरहङ्कारिणां प्रभो।। १०-३३-३३ ।।

    My dear Prabhu, when these great persons who are free from false ego act piously in this world, they have no selfish motives to fulfill, and even when they act in apparent contradiction to the laws of piety, they are not subject to sinful reactions. ।। 10-33-33 ।।

  4. 34

    किमुताखिलसत्त्वानां तिर्यङ्मर्त्यदिवौकसाम् । ईशितुश्चेशितव्यानां कुशलाकुशलान्वयः ।। १०-३३-३४ ।।

    How, then, could the Lord of all created beings — animals, men and demigods — have any connection with the piety and impiety that affect His subject creatures? ।। 10-33-34 ।।

  5. 35

    यत्पादपङ्कजपरागनिषेवतृप्ता योगप्रभावविधुताखिलकर्मबन्धाः । स्वैरं चरन्ति मुनयोऽपि न नह्यमानास्तस्येच्छयाऽऽत्तवपुषः कुत एव बन्धः ।। १०-३३-३५ ।।

    Material activities never entangle the devotees of the Supreme Lord, who are fully satisfied by serving the dust of His lotus feet. Nor do material activities entangle those intelligent sages who have freed themselves from the bondage of all fruitive reactions by the power of yoga. So how could there be any question of bondage for the Lord Himself, who assumes His transcendental forms according to His own sweet will? ।। 10-33-35 ।।