1. 6

    तडित्वन्तो महामेघाश्चण्डश्वसनवेपिताः । प्रीणनं जीवनं ह्यस्य मुमुचुः करुणा इव ।। १०-२०-६ ।।

    Flashing with lightning, great clouds were shaken and swept about by fierce winds. Just like merciful persons, the clouds gave their lives for the pleasure of this world. ।। 10-20-6 ।।

  2. 7

    तपःकृशा देवमीढा आसीद्वर्षीयसी मही । यथैव काम्यतपसस्तनुः सम्प्राप्य तत्फलम् ।। १०-२०-७ ।।

    The earth had been emaciated by the summer heat, but she became fully nourished again when moistened by the god of rain. Thus the earth was like a person whose body has been emaciated by austerities undergone for a material purpose, but who again becomes fully nourished when he achieves the fruit of those austerities. ।। 10-20-7 ।।

  3. 8

    निशामुखेषु खद्योतास्तमसा भान्ति न ग्रहाः । यथा पापेन पाखण्डा न हि वेदाः कलौ युगे ।। १०-२०-८ ।।

    In the evening twilight during the rainy season, the darkness allowed the glowworms but not the stars to shine forth, just as in the Age of Kali the predominance of sinful activities allows atheistic doctrines to overshadow the true knowledge of the Vedas. ।। 10-20-8 ।।

  4. 9

    श्रुत्वा पर्जन्यनिनदं मण्डुकाः व्यसृजन् गिरः । तूष्णीं शयानाः प्राग्यद्वद्ब्राह्मणा नियमात्यये ।। १०-२०-९ ।।

    The frogs, who had all along been lying silent, suddenly began croaking when they heard the rumbling of the rain clouds, in the same way that brāhmaṇa students, who perform their morning duties in silence begin reciting their lessons when called by their teacher. ।। 10-20-9 ।।

  5. 10

    आसन्नुत्पथगामिन्यः क्षुद्रनद्योऽनुशुष्यतीः । पुंसो यथास्वतन्त्रस्य देहद्रविणसम्पदः ।। १०-२०-१० ।।

    With the advent of the rainy season, the insignificant streams, which had become dry, began to swell and then strayed from their proper courses, like the body, property and money of a man controlled by the urges of his senses. ।। 10-20-10 ।।